10 Essential Films For Law Students 10 Essential Films For Law Students
The lawyer profession is one of the most expensive professions in this era. Everyone has the potential to deal with the law even when... 10 Essential Films For Law Students

The lawyer profession is one of the most expensive professions in this era. Everyone has the potential to deal with the law even when they are hurt. An increase in demand for Miami personal injury attorney services is an example. But what if this profession is the theme of a film? We have prepared a selection of 10 films that delve into the performance of the legal profession. Students and professionals, are you ready?

1) In the name of the father

Gerry is a wayward kid who arrives in England because of demands from his father, who tries to keep him away from possible confrontations with the IRA. Once there, Gerry is unjustly accused of participating in a terrorist attack and sentenced to life imprisonment. His father suffers the same fate. With the help of a persistent lawyer, they fight to prove their innocence and clean up their public image, in a judicial process that hardly respects the minimum guarantees.

2) Socrates

It narrates the trial to which the Greek philosopher was subjected, accused of corrupting young people with his dialectic. In addition to successfully recreate the historical context in which the events took place, debate on the dilemmas posed by justice and those who administer it.

3) Kill a nightingale

It is one of the great classics of literature and cinema. It develops during the 70s in the United States when an African-American is accused of raping a white girl. Atticus Finch is the lawyer who will take charge of the defense, trying to alleviate the social prejudices that weigh on the case.

4) A man for eternity

A historical film that transports us to the last years of Tomas Moro and his opposition to the marriage of King Enrique VIII of England with Ana Bolena because he was still married to Catalina de Aragón. His firm position took him to trial to defend against the execution order dictated by the monarch himself.

5) The process

Seeing it, one senses the anguish caused by judicial battles, especially those that linger for a long time. Everything in the film transmits asphyxia and offers an idyllic view of the profession.

6) Philadelphia

Andrew Beckett is fired from the important company where he works when his bosses learn that he has AIDS. Joseph Miller is the lawyer who directs the demand for discrimination but not only must fight against public opinion, also against his own prejudices.

7) The devil’s lawyer

An ambitious lawyer leads a meteoric career despite his limited experience. He has never lost any judgment and does not hesitate to embark on the defense of a man accused of abusing a student despite knowing that he is guilty. To achieve its objectives, it does not hesitate to resort to unethical practices.

8) The innocent

Michael Haller is a Los Angeles criminal lawyer accustomed to dealing with very complicated cases. Without seeing him come, he meets what will be the case of his life, a job that gave him a lot of income in an apparently simple way but as he immerses himself in the facts, he will realize that nothing is what it seems.

9) The verdict

Everything begins when Luc, who is on his way home with his wife, witnesses an attempted robbery. When trying to avoid it, he receives a beating that leaves him unconscious for several weeks. When he wakes up, he finds out that his wife died after suffering an accident. Although he manages to identify the culprit, he is released as a result of a judicial error. That is when revenge will become his life engine.

10) Civil action

It is the story of a lawyer who takes the judicial process of 8 families against two large companies for having contaminated the village water with chemical residues, causing serious consequences to children.

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