3 Augmented Reality Apps You Must Try 3 Augmented Reality Apps You Must Try
Augmented Reality is the latest technology that is taking the mobile world by storm. The latest handsets are now being designed with Augmented Reality... 3 Augmented Reality Apps You Must Try

Augmented Reality is the latest technology that is taking the mobile world by storm. The latest handsets are now being designed with Augmented Reality (AR) in mind, while smartphone giants such as Apple and Google are pushing for more augmented reality content on their respective markets, the App Store and Google Play. The technology does provide the perfect opportunity for a wide variety of business to enhance their products and services. One of the most obvious markets being gaming, especially for brands that develop their own games; mFortune mobile casino is a typical example of where their in-house developers are best placed to do exactly that, when the time is right.

However, there are many other businesses that have already taken the plunge. And so, with more and more AR focused apps now appearing, read below about three of the best which you should be downloading and installing right now.

Pokémon Go

You could say that Pokémon Go is the app which helped to make augmented reality popular in the mainstream. When it was released in 2016 it literally took the world by storm, with millions of players around the globe downloading and playing. Pokémon Go works on the premise of the original Pokémon games, with players out to catch ‘em all. However, the Augmented Reality aspect really transformed the game, with players able to catch Pokémon, battle for gyms and visit PokéStops all within a real-life setting. Augmented Reality really managed to bring the whole Pokémon experience to life and therefore it’s still one of the most popular AR apps on the market today.


Learning a new language is something that many around the world do or wish to do. People may learn due to their job, some may be relocating to another country, whilst others may just want to learn as a form of enjoyment and/or sense of fulfilment. The Mondly app is ideal for anyone wishing to learn a new language, with 33 different languages to choose from, but users can learn using cutting edge technology such as Augmented Reality. Users simply put their handset on a flat surface and their teacher will appear and begin to teach them their new language. It really adds a bit more enjoyment to the whole learning experience, making it more enjoyable, with results therefore likely to be better too.

BBC Civilisations AR

There’s no doubting that Augmented Reality has the capabilities to have an impact in many areas, one being education. The Civilisations AR app is a brilliant product from the BBC as it gives the user the opportunity to learn by using their smartphone and Augmented Reality. Users can make their way through over 30 historical items, bringing them onto view wherever they are. They can rotate and resize them if needs be, as they not only get to admire the historical artefacts, they get to learn about them too, which is brilliant for history buffs or for people who are just looking to further their knowledge in this area. Again, AR is adding fun to learning.

As you can see, Augmented Reality is really blossoming in a variety of areas. With most industries now having apps aplenty, it will come as no surprise to see more AR based apps appearing in the near future, especially as phone manufacturers are now developing handsets geared up for this latest tech trend.

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