5 Best Modern College Comedy Movies 5 Best Modern College Comedy Movies
Oh, student years, this is the bliss of life that not everybody is willing to understand while it lasts. While we are still students,... 5 Best Modern College Comedy Movies

Oh, student years, this is the bliss of life that not everybody is willing to understand while it lasts. While we are still students, we are rather inclined to complaining about how hard life at college is, but as soon as an adult life begins, we tend to understand that those were the best years of our lives. While some of us have only memories left and the others are still in the process of having the time of their lives, the former can revive the sweet days of being a college student by watching the best modern college comedy movies. In this article, we are going to talk about five of the best modern college comedy movies that will amuse you from the very first second. 

National Lampoon’s Van Wilder

While this movie cannot be classified as modern, it is without a single shred of doubt, one of the best comedies about college life that will surely bring you back the memories of what it means being young and reckless. The lead character Van Wilder is surely the one who might have done better at college if he decided to order dissertation help. Even a couple of plagiarism-free papers could have worked the trick for him, but instead, he chooses to lead a life full of parties. Writing a dissertation might seem to be an obvious obligation of a college student, at least in the UK. Still, Mr. Wilder carries on with his services of organizing the best parties on campus. Want to know how the things turned out for him? Go on and watch this masterpiece.

American Pie: Camp Band

When searching for the best college movies, it goes without saying that the one thing that we are all looking for is having fun while watching other people falling in love, making silly mistakes, but eventually winning the hearts of those they love. While the American Pie franchise might be infused with a bit of indecency, there is a need to acknowledged that the ultimate goal of American Pie: Camp Band is to show people that pure love exists even in funny college movies.

Pitch Perfect 

The percentage of those who go to college to actually study is extremely tiny. Of course, you will have to write essays or even a dissertation, and it is quite likely that you will need a bit of help with it. For example, writing a proper paper in APA is not that easy, and every student UK will tell you so. Well, if you want to have a look at the other side of college life, Pitch Perfect is exactly what you need. This 2012 motion picture is surely one of the best college comedy movies as while telling a simple story of a campus’ acapella that nobody wants to speak to; the film actually proves the boring orchestra guys to be cool.

Everybody Wants Some 

Even though it was released in 2016, the film takes us back to the good old 1980s and tells us how some of the most magical days in college take place. You have guessed it right, folks, we are talking about the days when everybody arrives on campus. There is no way to count all the college pranks that the seniors test out on freshmen. While Everybody Wants Some is mostly focused on a college’s baseball team and music by Van Halen, there is a lot of interesting and funny things to learn about how students get ready for a year of working/partying hard as this is surely one of the best on the list of college comedy films.


Have you ever thought about what it feels like to live next to a college fraternity building? Well, it seems that you’ve guessed it. If you are looking for a college pranks movie to justify your guesses, Neighbors is exactly what you need. One of the best college comedies that will show you why you should not neglect the opportunity of using professional writing services but rather cherish every single insight provided by them. Rogen and Byrne are the anti-heroes who will provide you with a stepwise instruction on how to get your frat closed. So, watch this movie, have fun, and do exactly the opposite.


College funny movies are surely a special genre of cinematography. There is no other domain in which the filmmakers would have had such a freedom of choice when it comes to infusing their creations with the top shelf jokes. At the same time, the films about college are a perfect space for incorporating a deep purpose and relaying a meaningful message to those watching. So, do not waste your time, pick a film, and plunge yourself back into the times of bliss.

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