The movie industry has been enjoying quite the time. Blockbusters have been breaking records for viewership and billings for the last few years as...

The movie industry has been enjoying quite the time. Blockbusters have been breaking records for viewership and billings for the last few years as if it’s nothing. The quality of motion pictures as well as the budget and talent behind them has tremendously improved over the years. For
many critics that have seen the outburst of exceptional works from all corners, it can be said to be the golden age of TV because even television series have stepped up their game a few notches.

One trend that has not escaped avid moviegoers is the turning of high grossing blockbusters into casino slots. When it comes to movie-to-slot adaptations, Microgaming is currently dishing out the best movie-to-slot casino games. Here are 5 of the best casino slots that were adapted
from a famous blockbuster;

5. Jurassic Park

It’s a tough ask when you have to take a classic like this and fit every detail that makes it great a slot machine. Microgaming took on the challenge and came up with an excellent slot machine. Jurassic park slot has a lot of design features and graphic additions that take the thrill from
the cinema and replicate it as best as a slot machine can. Throwing everything at it, Microgaming ended up with one of their most popular video slots ever created. Recently, they also launched the follow up; Jurassic World. Let’s hope this one is better than the Hollywood movie.

4. The Avengers

This is one of Playtech’s best slots thus far. The slot was adapted from the Marvel title with all the famous superheroes we all know and love. Playtech has put all the design and graphic work that we are used to, which is a major plus. Aside from the graphics, the slot intends on capturing
the feel of the blockbuster it is named after through the music and inclusion of all the favorites like Hulk, Ironman, Nick Fury, Hawk Eye, Captain America and many more. The game is as interactive as can be and does a good job in keeping up with the fast-paced nature of the movie.

3. Terminator 2

The 1991 blockbuster was a worldwide hit when it came out and replicating the success was not going to be easy for any slot maker who wanted the slot version. Microgaming took up the challenge and did a good job. The gaming company set out to capture the terror, excitement, and tension of the movie in a 243-ways video slot. They achieved it by adding T-800 Vision, a
feature that made for exciting play and spared nothing when it came to graphics. The game went on to become one of the most played slots around.

2. Iron man

The Marvel superhero was next in line for slot adaptation when Playtech launched the slot in 2009. The slot is packed with action and a lot of the superheroes’ exploits just like in the movie itself. The first slot machine was followed up by two more versions and all of them have proven to be worldwide successes. Playtech included a lot of fun features for casino lovers that ensure you will keep playing. The impeccable graphic design of the game makes it come to life in a way only Playtech could muster.

1. Game of Thrones

Even though this is not a movie, we had to include it in the list, especially since Season 7 just started. The first thing that every Game of Thrones fan would ask themselves is if the slot really does come off as exciting as the series. Indeed, Microgaming was able to take the aspects of the franchise that made it what it was and put them in a slot machine. The slot has the 4 houses of
Baratheon, Westerton, Lannister, Targarten and Stark battling it out for the iron throne. You can pick your favorite and side and enjoy rewards as you fight against the others or go for the Iron Throne yourself. With a superb soundtrack, clips from the series as well as characters you will recognize, this is more than just a slot game.


Reading the reports on, it is clear to see that the casino industry has had many slot machines coming from the movie industry, but with the barrage of slots out there, it’s tough to live up to the expectations. However, if you have not played any of the above titles yet, then you can head over to UK’s biggest online casino guide and claim some top casino bonuses.

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