5 Movies That A College Student Must Watch Before Going For Higher Studies 5 Movies That A College Student Must Watch Before Going For Higher Studies
Starting your new journey in college and looking to form new experiences? Here is a list of 5 movies that you should watch before... 5 Movies That A College Student Must Watch Before Going For Higher Studies

Starting your new journey in college and looking to form new experiences? Here is a list of 5 movies that you should watch before starting your future. If you want to get a thrill about the four years of college that lie ahead of you, here are the top five movies that you should definitely watch before stepping into the college life, cited by experts at TopAssignmentExperts.

Top 5 movies that every college student must watch before going for higher studies

Get ready with your devices and a streaming source for these 5 movies, which are going to give you a thrilling experience of the days to come in your college life.

  1. Animal House:

Recommended by an expert at BestOnlineAssignmentHelp, this movie was released in the year 1978. The movie basically invented a separate genre for college movies. Comedy legend John belushi was a part of this movie. The cast of the movie was a portrayal of misfit fraternity members who set out on a challenge to prove an idea to their dean of the university.

Animal house is a classic coverage of various college misbehaviour events like pranks, academic dishonesty, partying and anti authoritarians, which takes you a wild ride of the less than known parts of the college life, which many students do not really get a chance to get privy to.

For the record, the movie has been termed as the first of its kind, gross out movie which has been termed as ‘rambunctious’ and ‘subversive’, by critics. It has also been selected by the United States Library of Congress for the preservation in the national film registry. It might not be completely reflective of the college life that you might get to experience in reality but it is certainly one of the important movies that you got to watch before you start your college life.

  1. Pitch perfect:

Termed as one of the most successful movies in the recent years in the category of film franchises. The movie has been set at a fictional Barden University where the complete female a Capella group, named as the Barden Bellas, aim to win an a popular ‘Capella championship’ and restore their reputation to its erstwhile glory. The movie is a comedy and entertainment movie which has been designed to entertain the masses. This is one of the reason why you are going to find it quite unrealistic in more than one ways.

However, the movie still manages to offer some learnings out of it. The one thing that you are going to learn from this movie is that belonging to a club or a particular group could make your college life much more meaningful in many ways. The one realistic thing about this movie is that there are, in fact some groups that you can literally audition for. This movie is suggested by experts at EssayWriter4U.

  1. Good Will hunting:

Directed by the renowned director, Gus Van Sant, the movie tends to adopt a serious note at more than one turns during the movie. The movie is very well known for two of the best things that you can imagine. First, because it happened to be a collaborative project between legendary buddies of the film industry, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Second, is for the endless number of times when the question, ‘how about them apples?’ gets to be heard. 

The story revolves around a math genius, who happens to be a night janitor. There are strong performances to watch out for, an emotional narrative and some high end accents, which are going to keep you hooked to the movie. The movie was quite a success, which is why it managed to win the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. This one is recommended by experts at ThanksForTheHelp.

  1. Accepted:

Now this is one comedy movie that you are definitely going to enjoy watching but at the same time, going to learn a few things from as well. For this reason, it is said that this is not just another comedy movie that you can laugh at. The story revolves around the part of a smart high school student, who upon failing to get into a college upon application, manages to find another route that you cannot even think of. He finds a fake college to get himself admitted into, so that he may not have to earnt he disapproval of his parents.

The entire movie plot is a revelation of the events that follow post this. Now of course, you must not think of this movie as a prediction of your future college life because we strongly suggest that you do not end up doing any such thing but taking a good lesson from this movie is something that you can certainly do. Allow yourself to grasp the knowledge which has been shared in this movie, so that you can enter your college life with an open mind and explore your college life in a better way. Experts at OnlineAssignmentWriting strongly suggest that you watch this movie.

  1. Monsters University:

What, did you think that a college movie cannot come in an animated format? The plot of the movie is a prequel and tells the tale of how everybody’s favourite monster duo met in their college years. Like any Pixar film, you are going to love this one too.

One of the best interesting part of watching the famous Monsters University is to see how the film translates the very familiar college movie types not only into animation, but for the monster populated universe. As you might expect, this movie is not exactly the reality that you might be looking to learn about but at least, it is worth a delightful watch. This is a recommendation by experts at PaperDoers.

Did you get convinced to watch any of these movies? Do let us know in the comments and share your experience with them.

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