6 Things We Already Know About The Flash Season 3 6 Things We Already Know About The Flash Season 3
Amidst the mass hysteria surrounding Suicide Squad and its critical downfall, it’s fair to say that one place where DC and Warner Bros are... 6 Things We Already Know About The Flash Season 3

Amidst the mass hysteria surrounding Suicide Squad and its critical downfall, it’s fair to say that one place where DC and Warner Bros are firmly carrying the ball is in the world of television. With Arrow now entering an impressive fifth season, Legends of Tomorrow blasting into round two and Supergirl now entering the ranks, things have never looked better, especially when you have The Flash season three spearheading the charge.

Arguably the most exciting and entertaining of all the comic book-based shows on the television roster at current, The Flash has quickly forged itself into something truly special thanks to dynamic chemistry between its cast, full throttle action and a great sense of respect for comic book lore. Rarely has a show of this type made you laugh as much as it has made you cry, as well as introducing the world to the expansive universe of Barry Allen and his cohorts. It looks incredible for a television show, feels immediately worth the investment and has so much more to offer; so what’s on the horizon for season three that we know of so far?


If you haven’t already, then you should head down to your local comic book store or online and order yourself a copy of Flashpoint, one of the most groundbreaking entries in The Flash’s comic book history. A story so influential in events was always going to get some sort of treatment on-screen and following the close of season two, this third season of The Flash will open with its own telling of the Flashpoint story. Of course, it’s highly unlikely we’ll see the likes of other mainstream DC heroes such as Cyborg and Batman, but we will see the world now that Barry has decided to save his mother, meaning his relationships will be severely altered, as well as the whole world around him.

It’s certainly one hell of a way to kick off proceedings and we can’t wait to see how Barry deals with this situation upon his return.

The Main Villain

It looks like we have another Speedster on our hands as Savitar follows in the footsteps of Reverse-Flash and Zoom to become the third villain infused with Speed Force energy to come up against The Flash. How and when he surfaces is under wraps for now, but he will also be joined by another villain in the form of Dr. Alchemy.

To be voiced by Saw franchise stalwart Tobin Bell, Dr. Alchemy possesses a Philosopher’s Stone (stop right there, Harry Potter fans) which can change the form of materials and has even turned Flash into water vapour in the past. Although we’re not sure we’ll see that happening in the new season…

The Harry Potter Connection

The mere mention of a Philosopher’s Stone may be enough to get Harry Potter fans twitching, but the very fact that none other than Draco Malfoy himself, Tom Felton, is set to appear in Season 3 will certainl turn their heads.

Having moved on from his uber villainy against everyone’s favourite boy wizard, Felton is set to become a regular fixture within the show, entering as a forensic expert who will rub shoulders with Barry Allen and certainly cause his fair share of trouble.

Kid Flash Is Here

Last season introduced us to speed demon Wally West and his petrolhead ways, but we never quite got the teaser for him possibly becoming Kid Flash until towards the back end of the proceedings.

But thanks to a very exciting promo image and some quick footage recently released, we will indeed be seeing Kid Flash on our screens in a Reverse-Flash-esque yellow suit. One can imagine he may surface very quickly into the opening of the new season with Barry devoid of his powers.

Crossover Heaven

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past month or so then you won’t be aware that The CW now has all its pawns in place to create one hell of a DC mega team. With The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and the newly-aquired Supergirl all under their belt, this promises one hell of a bumper crossover opportunity.

And thankfully they are set to go full force with this one, with Barry Allen definitely joining forces once again with Oliver Queen and Supergirl, while finally combining with the vibrant Legends of Tomorrow team as well. It’ll certainly be interesting consider past endeavours with some of that particular ensemble…

Jesse Quick To Speed In

As if the excitement of Kid Flash appearing wasn’t enough to get us all in a tizz, it looks like Jesse Quick is also set to make an appearance too! That’s right, Harrison Wells’ daughter, who incidentally felt the full force of the Speed Force last season, will be suiting up and showcasing her own set of powers.

It had already been confirmed that Violet Beane and Tom Cavanagh were returning in some capacity but it has been confirmed that Beane has been spotted on set in an outfit that certainly isn’t your everyday get-up.

The Flash Season 3 is set to return in the US on Tuesday October 4th, with a UK return on Sky One to be confirmed.

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