A Commercial Diving Career: Take the Plunge A Commercial Diving Career: Take the Plunge
Amateur diving is available for almost everyone. This is an entertainment that gives you the opportunity to relax and get your share of healthy... A Commercial Diving Career: Take the Plunge

Amateur diving is available for almost everyone. This is an entertainment that gives you the opportunity to relax and get your share of healthy adrenaline. A commercial diver must be perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions and hard physical work. A commercial diver’s career usually attracts former marines and civilians who are looking for new unusual experiences.

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A position in commercial diving is an ideal career for thrill seekers looking for a job with a high degree of complexity, a high salary and the opportunity to travel.

Commercial diving is the most popular sphere of professional diving, it provides both a fascinating and at the same time dangerous nature of work for those who dare to try it.

The growing demand for commercial divers makes many people focus their energy to acquire the skills needed for this profession. But first, think carefully whether you are suitable for the position of a commercial diver. The popularity of commercial diving can be demonstrated by the fact that diving schools are being opened in key locations such as the United States, South Africa, Norway, and the United Kingdom, where numerous jobs opportunities are being provided for graduates of these schools.

Those who choose to become a commercial diver must get special training and a special certification, as well as be brave enough to perform tasks, withstanding the harsh conditions under water.

There is a certain set of personal qualities that determine aptitude for this profession. A person must be well-adjusted, have a calm temperament, must be able to make adequate decisions in an unexpected situation quickly, must be highly concentrated, scrupulously follow the safety rules, be responsible.

Common spheres where the commercial divers are being used are the oil industry, shipping industry, and marine construction.

Commercial diving has a number of working lines, but the areas that are currently in greatest demand are the following:

  • Underwater drilling, welding, and cutting are mainly used for repair and maintenance of ships, pipelines and oil platforms.
  • Underwater medicine – diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the conditional effects of the underwater world on people and their staying under water.
  • Controlling, topographical surveying and non-destructive testing – initial scanning and testing based on processes and measures such as controlling of the successful underwater drilling and welding.
  • Commercial diving includes cleaning campaigns, inspection, and maintenance of underwater constructions and surroundings, as well as tasks related to recreational and multimedia applications.
  • Work with remote management of the vehicles – a person is engaged in applying of remotely controlled robots or machines to perform certain underwater maneuvers while the operator is on board the ship.
  •  Rescue, search and restoring – this work is usually for the underwater rescuers or for a person who is engaged in searching and finding bodies and evidence of shipwrecks.
  • Underwater installation, repair, and maintenance – installation of underwater structures, machines, and lines.

Due to the occupational hazards related to the commercial diving, in addition to extensive training, knowledge, and use of special equipment, a person must be mentally prepared and be brave enough to do this exciting but also risky type of work.

It requires not only strength of mind but also physical strength to work in uncomfortable conditions with a number of safety measures which must be abided by when performing the tasks.

The life of a commercial diver is a constant, hard work often far from home. But, regardless of the conditions, you have to concentrate your attention on performing your task. However, in return, you get financial and moral satisfaction from this work. Only the strongest can do this job, it trains the strength of character and confidence.

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