Arrow, Flash and Supergirl – Week 10 Roundup Arrow, Flash and Supergirl – Week 10 Roundup
It’s a new calendar year, and that means the second half of the DC CW shows are back! Just before Christmas our heroes were... Arrow, Flash and Supergirl – Week 10 Roundup

It’s a new calendar year, and that means the second half of the DC CW shows are back! Just before Christmas our heroes were in quite the pickle. Supergirl got destroyed by Reign, Barry got caught with a dead body and muder weapon in his hands, Oliver lost the trust of his team, and Constantine appeared on the wave rider. Although only three of the shows returned this week, Legends of Tomorrow is set to return on February 12, it was a fun filled week putting you right back where it ended.

Supergirl S03E10 – Legion of Superheroes

After getting brutally knocked out by Reign, Kara finds herself in a coma, literally. Braniac-5 (Jesse Rath), also from the future, is able to talk to Kara in a unconscious state. A fantastic way to introduce a new character, in a closed environment with the main character, giving him real potential and chemistry in the show. As Braniac-5, or Brainy, tries to wake Kara up, Reign is setting a new justice regime, where she’s the judge and jury.  A first look into the long time comic book team, the legion of superheroes make their first mark on Supergirl. Not only was this a fantastic episode to remind us where Kara and everyone else is in mentally, the legion look to be a great premise that adds another dimension to the show. Using their super rings, Mon-El, Imra and Braniac fight Reign. Although fighting with great caution, as apparently they have the DNA of an entire civilisation inside their bodies, it would have been a lot nicer to get more of a definitive fighting style shown from each member. The fighting felt a little generic, only for Supergirl to miraculously save the day in the exact right moment. Even thougb Kara injected Reign with concentrated kryptonite, she does not die. Moreover, Reign gets a new ally, the religious nut.

The Flash S04E10 – The Trial of Flash

When you’re caught with an overwhelming amount of evidence against you, it turns out you can go to prison. Perhaps Barry should have asked Oliver for help, i.e. lawyer money, data tampering, mayor privileges, but there wasn’t really a reason this trial had to be an entire episode. Not only does Barry decide to accept his punishment, whereas Iris wanted to tell everyone he is the Flash, but in between the trial Barry was just free to go without any surveillance. If this behaviour continues, i.e. going away from the guards to become the Flash, zip through the walls, stop some crime and then go back, there would be no reason for this trial. The villain this week was very forgettable. Overall, a disappointing mid-season premiere that did not add anything to the story.

Arrow S06E10 – Divided

The parallels between Oliver and Cayden James continues as Oliver finds out Cayden has been spying on them for months, just as Oliver was spying on his own team. Although the hunt for Cayden James and his motives did not progress slightly, a few major events happened in Star City. Outgunned and outmanned, Oliver finally decides to forgive everyone for getting so angry about tracking their every thought and movement without any consent. He tells Dinah about the Vigilante working for Cayden, forgives Rene as Oliver also has a child, and remains exactly the same to Curtis. With all thats happened, they all decide not to help Oliver, and instead make their own new team. Using the previous base of Helix, which does not sound like a fail proof plan, there’s a new superhero team in town, and we’re also have the original season 1 Arrow team. Before parting ways, Curtis gives Diggle a new implant that finally lets him shoot bullets with a glaring face. An episode that might not necesarilly have the fun action as a usual Arrow episode, but a fantastic way to reintroduce the premise, the characters, the stakes in a meaningful way. It is easy to get invested in both superhero teams, and what can only turn into a conflict of interests. Not to mention Cayden James’ blank villanous stare is over the top, but nothing like ever seen on Arrow before.

Best moments of the week – Braniac-5

Worst moments of the week – Not sending this Flash episode into Earth-15

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