Arrow, Flash and Supergirl – Week 12 Roundup Arrow, Flash and Supergirl – Week 12 Roundup
Supergirl S03E12 – For Good Central City’s most villanous man that everyone forgot is back, with an Edge. After a superfluous death threat from Lena,... Arrow, Flash and Supergirl – Week 12 Roundup

Supergirl S03E12 – For Good

Central City’s most villanous man that everyone forgot is back, with an Edge. After a superfluous death threat from Lena, Morgan Edge gets into a car primed for an explosion. Within the nick of time, he escapes and vows for vengance, upping the Luthor-Edge rivalry to more than just politics. In gentleman fashion, Morgan poisons Lena through a cup of coffee. Its a good thing Lena is friends with supergirl, and is in the same building with her in a normal work week. With handy dandy tools at their disposal, Lena gets cured within TV minutes, but its not long until a new player enters the fued, Lilian Luthor. Family is blood, and is obviously worth to kill with the Lexo suit. Lilian takes the Lexo suit and tries to murder Edge at his own gala. It is not long until Kara tries to save the day. However, its not until Mon-El steps in with his seven years of experience to guide Kara through her first Lexo suit rodeo.

Meanwhile, Alex and Sam have their own little adventure when Sam gets awfully worried about her sudden blackouts. With all the testing done on Sam, Alex can find nothing wrong with her. She decides to take a blood sample for full analysis, which will certainly be the key to either finding more World Killers, or the cure/weakness to defeating them. Them implicating that they might by hybrids, subjects for war. It explains why Sam is so strong and does not get affected by Kara’s few weaknesses. It is not long until Winn, with Kara’s resolution, finds the next World Killer, and her name is Julia.

The Flash S04E12 – Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash

Pregnancy changes the best of us, and in Cecil’s case, she now has mind reading powers. Joe is literally living a husband’s worst nightmare. In Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash, we explore Joe and Cecil’s relationship more imtimately, as she undoubtedly becomes a key player to not only getting Barry out of prison, but possibly with the fight against the Thinker as well. As this episode so eloquently explains, there are no coincidences, and it Cecil’s newly found powers are no coincidence either.

Barry’s new friend, Big Sir opens up to Barry as he explains how he was framed for a crime he did not commit. As predictable as the plot may be, it doesn’t take anything away from how fun and warm this episode felt. Funilly enough for Big Sir, this week’s villain is the man who commited the murder that got him locked up. Whilst he might not have had the powers so long ago, he has shrinking powers now, contributed by the very same dwarf star alloy that helps Ray in his atom suit. Everything about this episode worked, from Cecil and Joe’s struggles, Cisco and Ralph shrinking, and Barry trying to instil hope in Big Sir. It was a fun, hilarious and sweet episode that really captures the love Flash had from Season 1. Although Wells saved the day, he couldn’t get that confession everyone was so eager to get. But as Barry does, he runs Big Sir all the way to a small picturesque town in China, which he told Barry he dreamt of going if he ever got out. Sad to see Barry’s only friend in prison to be gone, but that is soon rectified when the prison warden finds out about his speed, and instead of doing the good thing as law enforcers usually do, he sells Barry straight to Amunet.

Arrow S06E12 – All for Nothing

One for all and all for one, is definitely not the motto Oliver chose to live by. Who can blame him, after all he started off as a vengeance vendetta and soon evolved to the world’s largest hypocrit. Vincent continues his undercover spell, and does wonders for both justice teams, but it was inevitable that Cayden James would find out. As Vincent gets into more danger, hacking into Cayden James’ colossal databse, we get the infamous flashbacks, but this time we get Dinah and Vincent flashbacks. Whilst the flashbacks were a very effective story telling tool that tied perfectly with this week’s episode, it also begs the question, has Oliver ran out of history to explore?

After the emotional break up, the teams temporarily join up, only to once again split after mere seconds. A conflict of interest, save the one or save the many. Vincent has been found, and Dinah wants to save him, but Oliver wants to find the thermostatic bomb that could level the entire city. Perhaps if they were together one team may have been successful,  but both teams have ended in utter misery. Not only does Laurel brain fry Vincent to his death, Oliver is back at step one trying to locate the bomb again. However, the episode wants you to believe that no death is for nothing, as they uncover the exact footage that killer Cayden’s son. Apparently, the same person who tried to fabricate Oliver as the Green Arrow in the news, fabricated footage to make it seem like Oliver did kill Owen Post, in the world’s worst video ever. This only reveals something much greater than Cayden James, someone pulling his strings,  someone Oliver will inevitable have to face.

Best moments of the week – Even in this universe Superman kills Zodd

Worst moments of the week – Finding out Superman killed Zodd

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