Arrow, Flash and Supergirl – Week 13 Roundup Arrow, Flash and Supergirl – Week 13 Roundup
Supergirl S03E13 – Both Sides Now The fight against the worldkillers continue, as Supergirl and co. find the first of what will presumably be many worldkillers,... Arrow, Flash and Supergirl – Week 13 Roundup

Supergirl S03E13 – Both Sides Now

The fight against the worldkillers continue, as Supergirl and co. find the first of what will presumably be many worldkillers, Julia, aka Purity. In an opening scene with Julia unknown of why Supergirl wants her, she turns Super Saiyan. She lets out a deafening screech, simliarly to Black Canary’s power. Although Purity is the only other worldkiller as of now besides Reign, a good guess would be that they all have unique abilities alongside the standard super strength, specifically designed to destroy Supergirl. Throughout the episode, Kara and Alex play good cop bad cop, in hopes to get through to Julia or find out where the other worldkillers are. What they do not know though is the Kryptonian type crystal they found with her gives her immense power, enabling her to escape and cause havoc. At the same time, it awakens Reign, who was ice skating with Ruby. With two super beings to worry about now, Kara needs all the help she can get. Mon-El, sharing an intimate moment with J’onn, shares his complicated past with Imra. Turns out, Mon-El never married Imra in love, but in unity for planets. Over time they grew in love, but he still holds a special place for Kara. After a quick chat with Imra, he knows he is needed on the battlefield. Willing to risk all that DNA inside of him, J’onn, Supergirl and Mon-El have trouble with Purity alone. It is only by getting through to Julia, which Alex does so well at the end of the episode, that she stops her berserk. However, it doesn’t stop Reign from convincing Julia to join her, unleashing Purity’s true potential in her cult cave. The episode ends as Sam is even more worried about her recent black spells. However, as she produces one of her black spells in front of Lena, imitating a Mr. Robot-esque scene, Lena says she knows what’s wrong.

The Flash S04E13 – True Colors

For every witty and charming episode in Flash, there are an equal number of plot holes and missed chances the next episode. True Colors was another fun filled Flash episode, one ridiculed with missing plot devices and information. After discovering Warden Wolfe was an evil man willing to sell meta’s to Amunet, Barry creates a temporary super team with the recent bus meta’s he just defeated, without the super powers. With a lack of character development and nuance, the episode fails to make the evilness of each character believable, with the exception of Becky, or Hazard. Whilst team prison break tries to break out of prison, team no-Flash try to break Flash out of prison. They really should be trying to co-ordinate their communication more. After another scene of how Ralph is a failure, he discovers another power, shape-shifting. Its as if the writers didn’t know how to make this play in any other way than making Dibny fail, especially since it was so fresh from their mind from the same synopsis of last episode. Dibny gets instructed to shape-shift into Wolfe, and apparently his powers translate to skin color and voice for an unexplained reason. Dibny eventually fails to stop the deal between Wolfe and Amunet, luckily Barry and his team manage to escape into outside world of the prison yard. Although never using his power, Wolfe reveals Barry as a speedster, and with a city with more than one good speedster, how did nobody make the connection. It is only pointed out when they meet Wolfe in the courtyard, but they didn’t manage to guess DeVoe’s presence either. DeVoe instantly kills all the bus meta’s, including Wolfe, also taking Becky as his new surrogate body. A move explained by DeVoe that this body is less inconspicuous. However, was she not on local news and is a known criminal, compared to his previous unknown body? All is not lost, when they put Dibny’s powers to even better use, by imitating an alive and well DeVoe in court, causing Barry to be free from all convictions. But once again, isn’t lying illegal, how is Barry okay with this? Filled with plot holes one after another, what True Colors does do well is showcase that Barry is a little smarter than what he’s granted for. He is in fact a forensic scientist. Barry realizes that DeVoe specifically wants all the bus metas, absorbing all their powers in True Colors. And there’s one bus meta they all know, Ralph Dibny.

Arrow S06E13 – The Devil’s Greatest Trick

Last week’s episode would like you to believe someone is pulling Cayden’s strings, and you would believe right. In The Devil’s Greatest Trick we get to see the birth of a sinister and ruthless villain. If you didn’t completely fall in love with Cayden’s monotone blank stare as season 6’s villain, you get your second shot in a seemingly dark villain. Cayden James had many problems as the big villain, the largest being all the data he easily overlooked when he is dubbed the smartest technologically gifted villain. Yet, it was his former lackey Alena who uncovered the real assassin of his son. Through a series of flashbacks, the relationship between Cayden and his son is explored, and soon broken into the current mastermind. Only to serve the purpose of getting invested into Cayden and his fatherly side, only to be soon ended at the end of the episode. Oliver and everyone else, including Curtis, Dinah and Rene, round up Cayden’s troops to discover who the real murderer is. Going through the ranks, Cayden creates his Laurel monologue, only for it to bite him straight in his ears. A temporary impulse unlocks her collar, where Laurel is able to go berserk on everyone. However, it isn’t long for Dinah to shoot Laurel straight in the stomach. The rest of the villains are able to escape, only for Cayden James to be captured by the heroes, still unknowing of who his son’s killer is. It is only at the crux of the episode, Diaz, the dark and powerful, explains how he’s been pulling everyone’s strings all along, only to ruthlessly kill Cayden in the interrogation room. Don’t worry, he made sure to tell Cayden that he’s got tons of cops on his payroll. In what started off as a ‘Shades’ rip off from Luke Cage, became a much more powerful character ever imagined. And Laurel is in the back seat of Quentin’s car still alive.

Best moments of the week:

  • Diaz

Worst moments of the week:

  • Why doesn’t Barry cross his 5th tally?
  • A prison break without Snart and Rory

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