Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 2 Roundup Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 2 Roundup
Everybody has relationship problems Week 2 is underway and if you didn’t know by now, the DC TV shows often share a common theme... Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 2 Roundup

Everybody has relationship problems

Week 2 is underway and if you didn’t know by now, the DC TV shows often share a common theme week by week, and its almost 100% of the time about the relationships in the inner circles. After reminding everyone of where last season was left off, episode 2 dives right into the respective shows’ tones.

Supergirl S03E02 – Triggers

With a traditional long season format, it requires plots to be lengthened, which can feel a little slow at times. This is expected for the CW shows, and Supergirl is the prime example. What made Supergirl stand out from the rest of the shows was that it was bright, filled with hope and triumph. A strong female character able to go through all adversities. Whilst there is no doubt that it is not easy to get over a lover, the show does not reflect what it set out to be in the beginning. The last two episodes have been fine, but if the Mon-El plot continues, the qualih and viewership of Supergirl will fall.

Not to mention this week’s episode featured the most insufferable child. After aquiring Cat Co., Lena tries to discover the ins and outs, in what could possibly be the start of a beautiful bond between Jimmy and Lena. Someone else must take over L Corp. And that someone is Sam (Odette Anabelle), the mysterious woman from last week. Her daughter is convinced her mother has superpowers, so she walks head first into an evil psychich. Luckily for her Supergirl saves them. At the end of the day, a very uneventful and slow episode, revealing almost nothing at all.

Legends of Tomorrow S03E02 – Freakshow

Legends of Tomorrow is a show that does not apologise for any of its quirks and cheesiness, and nor does it have to. You might not get the best overall season out of the Arrowverse shows, but you rarely get disappointed either. This week, the Legends head off to 1870 to a circus. Its hard not to love a show that gets fantastic nonsensical settings and costumes which is the perfect fit for the tone. The anachronism, basically like a time abberation, is a sabre-tooth tiger.

No better anachronism in the week for the reintroduction of Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers). After leaving Nate to go back in time when confronted with the fact her granddaughter would not exist anymore, she is once again in the place she never thought she would return. Meanwhile, Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan), Rip’s second in command, try to sabotage them in hopes she becomes Rip’s one and only. As a character and plot device, she seems to be purposeless and just a character to fit in the absence of Rip. Albeit the dynamic of the current team is flawless, it would also be nice to see a new character be introduced into the team, especially when both Amaya and Stein had a perfect out prior to this episode.

The Flash S04E02 – Mixed Signals

Relationship trouble is no joke, and apparently is the key to saving lives. Forget science; faith, love and trust is the key to superhero success. A villian that is not the least bit daunting combined with relationship problems that are really hard to care about right now; The Flash keeps digging a hole from last season and continues to get more riduculous each episode. There are almost no stakes to the show, and extremely hard to get invested in anything. The villain this week was an electricity manipulator called Kilgore (Dominic Burgess). Out for revenge, he goes to kill his former friends who stole technology from him.

The only thing keeping the show from not falling apart is not Cisco and Gypsy’s world jumping relationship, or Caitlin’s struggle to balance her former self and Killer Frost, because both side plots have been dealt with horribly. It is the potential for a great big villian who isn’t a speedster, something fans have only dreamed of. The big bad blue man, the Thinker, reveals Kilgore was just one step in an elaborate plan to collect pieces for his chess set. However, more important than any of this, is how nobody mentions the fact that Wally has a brand new hairstyle. It is really sad to see Kid Flash get dumped to the sideline when he should be a lot more involved.

Arrow S06E02 – Tribute

And the best dad award goes to Oliver ‘give my son prison advice’ Queen. Oliver has been outed as the Hood before, and its exactly the same story again as the Green Arrow. However, this time he also has a son to account for. A son who had to live through his mother getting exploded on an island, finding out his dad is in fact the Green Arrow, and is now also getting buillied at school. He does not need advice from a man who is constantly hypocritical, that boy needs therapy.

Besides relationship problems with his son, Oliver has got a new person on his back, Agent Samantha Wilson (Sydelle Noel). Whilst the teachies at Team Arrow decrypted the image of Oliver to be ‘photoshopped’, Agent Wilson is not convinced and looks like is staying for the remainder of the season. Whilst Oliver tries to balance being a father and the Green Arrow, he’s seemingly taken a step back on being a mayor this week, Anatoly returns. The Russian story line is over, or is it? A lack of flashbacks this week, a real staple of Arrow, gives no relevancy to Anatoly. Whether he remains for the rest of the season is to be answered, but it will not add any depth to the show if he remains. Meanwhile, who actuallt cares about Felicity and Curtis starting their own company? The most interesting plot point is when Diggle admits to Dinah that he is comprised, unfit for the battles of the streets. Yet, when Oliver decides that he could die (with the permission from the writers first), he hands Diggle the mantle of the Green Arrow. This is why there had to be a Red Arrow, whether it be Roy or Thea, it would be more fitting for an actual archer to take the suit, no matter how temporary it may be. On the other hand, that may just be the writers’ intentions to make Diggle a sinking ship right from the start.

Best of the week: Legends of Tomorrow

Worst of the week: The Flash

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