Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 3 Roundup Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 3 Roundup
The Arrowverse is breaking off into their own arcs Week 1 and 2 so the Arrowverse shows share an overall arc across all shows.... Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 3 Roundup

The Arrowverse is breaking off into their own arcs

Week 1 and 2 so the Arrowverse shows share an overall arc across all shows. We finally see each show breaking off to focus on their seperate plots in week 3, able to showcase how different in tone they are. However, besides the exception of Legends of Tomorrow, we have not seen any of the shows fully embrace what their series is all about.

Supergirl S03E03 – Far from the Tree

With absolutely no focus on Supergirl this week, we see a focus on two side plots, one which addresses a difficult subject. On earth, Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Maggie (Floriana Lima) gets a wedding shower, where Maggie invites her homophobic esrranged father Oscar (Carlos Bernard). The Arrowverse shows have never been shy to tackle controversial subjects, with a gay couple being a very large part of Supergirl. It is amazing to see debates like these come to light, where an unconvinced family member, stuck with his old ways is back in the picture. However, a lot of the narrative did not make sense, the arguments felt farced, the mother was missing for a very bad reason, and nor did it actually feel completely resolved.

Meanwhile, Supergirl and J’onn go to Mars after a distress call from M’gann. Probably the weakest side plot, and hopefully this episode finally resolves it. J’onn finds out his father, M’yrnn (Carl Lumbly) is still alive who holds information of the location of a powerful mystic staff. M’gann is the leader of the white martian rebel group, and they need to get to the staff before the white martian Nazis get to it. Supergirl offered nothing even being there, and the story eventually gets resolved with father and son reconnecting. M’yrnn follows J’onn back to earth, with the staff, which only sounds like trouble. Its a good possibility that we see a lot more of the green martian bond, and someone stealing the staff for their own gain.

Legends of Tomorrow S03E03 – Zari

It’s cooky and silly, with an ensemble cast with an amazing dynamic, and we might see the newest cast member of the legends this week. From the ending scene of last episode, a spooky villian named Kuasa (Tracy Ifeachor) get summoned. Turns out, she also can time travel, and she hunts down a fugitive in the future.

The future turns out to be a dystopian setting controlled by ARGUS, where things like religion is outlawed. The fugitive that gets hunted down is a Muslim, and whilst this too can be a very difficult subject, Legends of Tomorrow intertwines the topic perfectly with the tone, giving enough time to get resolved, but not too much time to take away from anything else in the show. The fugitive, named Zari (Tala Ashe), also happens to wield a totem, much like Amaya’s. After a hilarious quip from Rory about prison break and saviing Zari, she has nowhere to go. She hits all the right marks to join team Legends and immediately gets invited, especially when Amaya recognizes there is bond between their totems. This will also be an eventual great nod off to Amaya, who will be able to return back to the past to raise her family. The ending sequence sees a tiny Ray Palmer befriending a mysterious beast, who will most probably be the subject of the next episode.

The Flash S04E03 – Luck be a Lady

The Flash is finally finding its stride, with a highly enjoyable episode, with a fun laser tag opener, a creepy monologue narration from The Thinker, and most importantly a fun villian. This week we see a new meta, Hazard (Sugar Lyn Beard), who causes bad luck to everyone arround her.

In the beginning of the episode, the man, the mentor, Dr. Harry Wells (Tom Cavanaugh) returns, with a gift for Kid Flash. He brings a break up cube, no surprise to who that is directed to. Placing him right back into the action of a larger problem, Cisco finds out that the arrival of new metas arises from the dark matter from rescuing Flash from time prison, isolating one single bus hitting 12 people. All these persons are definitely part of The Thinker’s plans, and this week’s meta reveal is a huge nuisance to Team Flash. After a massive build up of bad luck, the particle accelerator starts to go off once again. Harry recognizes that this bad luck might be their saving grace, which eventually couunteracts her dark matter powers when it goes off.

Harry, Dr. Wells, HR, whichever version of the character, he always has a place on Earth-1, which he will be staying once again. However, after nobody realising that Kid Flash was gone for 90% of the episode, he decides to go on his own journey, going to Blue Valley. Kid Flash was an exciting character when first introduced, but with the return of Flash and his story line getting resolved in the family, he has not been relevant to the show for a while.

Arrow S06E03 – Next of Kin

With the lack of Oliver at the helm of Team Green Arrow, Arrow fell very short dramatically. Throughout the episode, Diggle fails to live up to the responsibility of Green Arrow due to his tremors. By the end of the day the team stop Onyx and a group of mercenaries, and Diggle claims that he is cured. There is no doubt that Oliver will eventually return, but after Felicity specially designing a crossbow for Diggle, it might not be anytime soon.

Whilst not being Green Arrow anymore, Oliver struggles to be a father figure, once again giving horrible advice to his son. He gets help from no other than Felicity, rekindling their relationship once again. There is no doubt that this will only end well.

Best moment of the week: Mick’s stab at Prison Break

Worst moment of the week: Supergirl on Mars

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