Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 4 Roundup Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 4 Roundup
Supergirl S03E04 – The Faithful In this week episode of Supergirl, she finds a challenge she can not deal with any sort of strength... Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 4 Roundup

Supergirl S03E04 – The Faithful

In this week episode of Supergirl, she finds a challenge she can not deal with any sort of strength or powers. Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe) is a religious nutcase who starts a cult worshipping Supergirl. He is influencing ordinary citizens to willingly put themselves in danger just to get saved by Supergirl. Faith can be a very controversial subject, but Supergirl has tackled it in a respectable manner. When Thomas tries to bomb a filled stadium, the bomb which happens to also contain kryptonite, Supergirl shows that she can actually bleed and isn’t a god to be worshipped. It is only then that Alex and Thomas push the bomb down a hole. An overall good episode with a fairly interesting plot. It might be more interesting to see the cult grow in nature, seeing a more fordiabble foe to control in the future. However, the most interesting moment of the series was seeing newly appointed L-corp lady Samantha see a mysterious figure covered in tattoos in a spooky sequence.

Legends of Tomorrow S03E04 – Phone Home

Legends of Tomorrow came in a Spielberg-esque E.T. influenced theme this week. A young Ray Palmer befirends a baby dominator, who looked halfway between E.T. and baby Groot. Also taclking about faith, the Legends, or specifically Kari and adult Ray, are reminded about faith in themselves and optimism. On paper Kari is the brooding pessimist; Ray the boy scout. They go on a grueling arc where they switch roles, to only appreciate one another a lot more. An episode that tackles Halloween without any scary themes, but with a very wholesome theme, a baby alien and a lot of costumes. And it almost looks like Stein is just about on his way out. From episode one, it was known about his dedication jumping with the team, his daughter and now grandchild. Seeing the birth of his grandchild, Stein expresses that he is unsure of his commitment to the team anymore, and Jefferson says the most unimaginable words from a power couple. He wants to break up Firestorm.

The Flash S04E04 – Elongated Journey into Night

Episode 4 of Flash comes directed by fan favourite Tom Cavanugh to produce one of the best episodes of the entire Flash series. For DC fans who know a bit more about DC lore, they got to see a real treat with the introduction of Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer). Team Star Labs narrow down the next dark bus victim, who happens to be an ex-cop who got fired by none other than Barry. Ralph, the ex-cop, is now a detective, who also tried to blackmail the mayor. Throughout the episode Barry is unconvinced that Ralph is the same dirty cop from before and people don’t change. However, he is reminded once again by those around him that people deserve a second chance and life is not black and white. Ralph Dibny definitely has changed, and he’s got stretching powers from the dark bus incident. It is only with his help that Barry is able to save the day with a dirty mayor. At the end, Barry recruits Ralph, who might just be the replacement to Kid Flash, and also calls him Plastic Man. Traditionally, Ralph is named Elongated Man in the comics, and Plastic Man is the moniker of another man, but with the humour Plastic Man conveys in many cartoons and comics, he might also be a great fit for the tone of the show. A special shout out to Danny Trejo playing the breacher, Gypsy’s father who hunts Cisco down. A more than hilarious sequence in the episode, and hopefully not the last time we see Danny Trejo.

Arrow S06E04 – Reversal

When things finally start to go his way and the Olicity ship is full speed for the Canary Islands, it only makes sense that Oliver’s life is pulled away from everything. However, prior to that, we get to see the shadow tech organisation Helix once again, where Alena recruits Felicity again. Although this time instead of breaking Cayden James out, she wants to stop him because apparently he’s evil. He’s so evil in fact that he is in collaboration with Black Siren, and they’re trying to break the internet. Or so they thought. At the end of the episode Cayden reveals they were only trying to get into the firewall of the internet. Sounds like a gag from the IT Crowd, but the seriousness in their acting and in the show makes you totally believe in the show. It is in the ultimate scene of the episode when Oliver tells Felicity that he’s just received a call from Slade Wilson asking for help.

Best moment of the week: Jefferson’s Firestorm break up

Worst moment of the week: Not trying to type google into google to break the Internet

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