Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 5 Roundup Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 5 Roundup
Supergirl S03E05 – Damage Fresh off the boat, villanous businesman Edge is back with heightened motivation to take down Lena Luthor. In an attempt... Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 5 Roundup

Supergirl S03E05 – Damage

Fresh off the boat, villanous businesman Edge is back with heightened motivation to take down Lena Luthor. In an attempt to destroy Lena’s reputation, he claims a sudden outbreak of sick children is due to lead poisoning from Lena’s lead bomb. However, using Kara’s reporting powers and Sam’s single motherhood, they solve the sick children case. It gets boiled down to a swimming pool using unwarranted chemicals identical to lead. Edge has proved to be a very menacing character, totally believable in his immoral sense to rise to the top. He has become an extremely powerful character and has been intriguing to see a non alien so daunting in the Supergirl series. There has also been great dynamic between Sam, Lena and Kara, and will be fascinating to see Sam’s connection to Supergirl, especially after when she got shot and had the bullet bounce off of her, hitting little Jimmy Olsen. Whilst Lena grows her connections with the girls, and Jimmy, it’s official that Maggie and Alex are over. Maggie can’t fathom a life without children, and Alex does not want to entertain it. In a touching PG-13 scene, this might be the end of Maggie.

Legends of Tomorrow S03E05 – Return of the Mack

If you ever thought you might get to see a time travelling vampire, you thought right. It’s 1897, and there’s a supposed vampire on the loose in London. Only a job worthy of the legends to solve, only to find that Rip is there already and he is in dire need of their help. There may be a time travelling vampire on the loose, but he’s only part of a greater evil scheme Rip is trying to uncover. Lead by a disastrous shadow of the darkest realm named Mallus, he is going through time to recruit the darkest villains. An extremely fun and fascinating counterpart to the villains, but hopefully the reveal of Mallus will live up to all the hype. The shadow organisation led by Mallus is in 1897 trying to resurrect none other than Damien Darhk. And for that, they need a lot of blood, so no actual vampire. Legends of Tomorrow this week has been an extraordinary introduction of the great threat that has been built up, with equally vicious villains. Not to mention we also get to see Professor Stein’s great, great grandfather. In the end, Rip gets detained by the very same organisation that he created.

The Flash S04E05 – Girls Night Out

As Joe and Cecil are about to get wed, the opposite genders in team Flash throw a bachelor/bachelorette party for their counterparts. With a cameo from Felicity, the girls plan for a nice fancy meal, only to go on a sorrowful tale with Killer Frost. We finally get to find out what Caitlin, or Killer Frost, has been up to since she’s been gone. There was no surprise that she was caught up in villianous deeds, but she managed to overcome her past problems with help from her new best pal Iris. In their male counterparts, Elongated man takes the boys out to a strip club. Hilarity ensues when Barry gets drunk and everyone gets into a fight, and Joe sees Cecil’s daughter working the pole. However, its all okay in the end because she decides she doesn’t want to work there anymore, #Feminism. The most interesting sequence of the episode is seeing the Thinker in his large floating chair in the outside, taking one of his subjects who Caitlin and Iris thought they freed from Caitlin’s former evil boss. It is unsure of how powerful this meta may be, but apparently he can spread love with his tears?

Arrow S06E05 – Deathstroke Returns

Not only does Deathsroke return, but so does The Vigilante, and the flashbacks. Its a three-in-one deal in Arrow this week and maybe it’s the fact we have not seen any flashbacks lately, but they do seem like an integral part of the show. This episode focuses greatly on Slade Wilson, who has easily become one of the best characters in the Arrowverse. Slade finds out his son is captured, locked in a prison and he wants Oliver to use diplomacy to get him out. Like two best buds, they go on a field trip, using threatening glares and a takedown here and there to find the location of his son. We get to see Slade’s relationship with his son Joe through the flashbacks. Albeit he does act like a father, his son doesn’t seem to truly believe that he just an ordinary father, and with good reason. On a camping trip he brings his Deathsroke guise to kill a man, and then wear a flanel five minutes later. In the present, Slade is in a building run by an organisation known as the Jackals. It is only at the end of the episode we find out that the leader of the Jackals is Slade’s son.

Meanwhile in Starling City, the new bill banning vigilantes gets the viligante heated up and returning. The group must protect politicians and stop the viligante, only to find out that the vigilante is actually Dinah’s old partner, Vincent Sorbel (Johann Urb). This complicates things greatly, as Dinah presumed he’s been dead for three years, but the dark matter made him regenerate at extreme paces. However, she finds out that that man who she knew is still there, giving her a special paper ornament. Whether he joins team Arrow, or causes a potential ultimatum for Dinah in the future remains to be seen.

Best moment of the week: Morgan Edge telling Supergirl to leave the same way she came in. How exactly did she come into the office, she didn’t fly through the window. Did she go through the lobby and up the elevator?

Worst moment of the week: Felicity’s random bacholerette party appearance.

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