Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 7 Roundup Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 7 Roundup
Supergirl S03E07 – Wake Up There was no surprise that Mon-El (Chris Wood) would return, and it only took seven episodes for him to... Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 7 Roundup

Supergirl S03E07 – Wake Up

There was no surprise that Mon-El (Chris Wood) would return, and it only took seven episodes for him to make his triumphant return. However, like any good Arrowverse show in the CW, he’s not really the same person. Landing into Earth’s oceans in a mysterious spaceship filled with other people, Mon-El is the only person that is apparently awake. Reluctant to share any information to his former lover, acting like a spy, he finds comfort convincing Winn to help him. He reveals that there are people on the ship that are asleep in their pods on life support. When Supergirl follows them to the ship, she breaks open one particular pod Mon-El is interested in, revealing his Mon-El’s wife Imra (Amy Jackson). Like a sudden twist of fate, Mon-El wasn’t just on his space pod for seven months to return; he spent seven years in the future when he got transported through a wormhole. Although this love triangle will be interesting to unravel, the more important questions are what happened to the other people on the space ship? And how and why did they return to the 21st century?

Although the side plots have always been the weaker side to Supergirl, episode seven had a lot of charm and intrigue to the continuing side plots of season three. M’yrnn’s, J’onn’s father, sudden placement on Earth has been confusing for himself. J’onn has been suggested to take him out for a walk, developing a father son relationship. This show thrives with strong female characters and relationships, but has come at a small cost to making J’onn one of the less developed and weaker characters. The walk in the park was a nice touch exploring a life outside of the DEA, especially after getting a new apartment for the both of them. On the other hand, the more fascinating side plot has to be Sam’s personal journey and who she really is. After travelling back home, finding an alien space ship in her home barn (why did she never go in there?), she goes on a road trip Man of Steel style. After travelling to a random spot in the desert, the Earth starts bending creating a path for her. There is a transformation happening, and Sam has been reborn from a scary alien woman, revealing her new name to be Reign the World Killer.

Legends of Tomorrow S03E07 – Welcome to the Jungle

Continuing the family theme in recent episodes, the legends head to the height of the Vietnam War, in the presence of Lyndon B Johnson (Peter Hall) and Rory’s all American father Dick Rory (Evan Jones). We start off episode seven with Sara unconscious from her coma from last week. Although Stein has recruited brilliant minds of history, Newton, Galileo and Curie, the team dives straight into a strange anachronism that has got both sides to stop a unpopular war. It is not long that the team discover Grodd behind it all, with a plan to assassinate LBJ. Even after controlling Sara to try and kill Stein, it is Isaac Newton that surprises everyone and saves the day. Stein sends Grodd through time to the present, only to be greeted by disaster artist Damien Darhk on the other end. In addition, Grodd’s temporary mind control of Sara managed to wake her up, just in time for some LBJ pecan pie. A small dip in episode quality from recent episodes, yet still produced a touching enough story for Rory and his father.

The Flash S04E07 – Therefore I am

After last week’s entrance into the DeVoe household, Barry is the only man who isn’t convinced that DeVoe isn’t who he appears to be. Featuring an Arrow styled flashback episode, Therefore I am was a fantastic breakthrough into DeVoe’s life and how he became the Thinker. Normally, the villain’s origins would get revealed in the second half of the season. However, season four of The Flash is playing things very differently, fortunately. The flashbacks explored his relationship with his wife and his pursuit of sharing knowledge And it was through the explosion of the particle accelerator that evolved him into a man with infinite knowledge, alongside an untreatable form of ALS. Regardless, for a man who was intent on helping the world, DeVoe has formed an unhealthy obsession with the Flash. After getting kicked off the force, Barry confronts DeVoe one more time, where DeVoe reveals his knowledge card and tells Barry he knows everything about him, which doesn’t actually seem too difficult if someone really tried. Whilst the team finally believe him, just like Savitar, the Thinker is always one step ahead of the team. It is a fight between the fastest man and the fastest mind.  The team will need all the help, and no better with the return of Kid Flash, who returns from Blue Valley fighting a starfish from space, perhaps Starro. Whilst DeVoe’s motive and expected outcome is yet to be figured out, the episode ends in a frightening sequence when his disease is obviously affecting his normal self, for him to get his head peeled off and be transported on his big blue chair with his visible brain on implants.

 Arrow S06E07 – Thanksgiving

There is a lot to give thanks to season six episode seven of Arrow, even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Without Oliver inside the Arrow cave anymore, we are granted with Diggle doing handstand push ups. It is almost as if Curtis’ tech is working, but just as he’s needed, Diggle’s body fails miserably in the field. Team Arrow’s battle comes courtesy from dynamic duo Laurel & Cayden, who steal nanothermites and explosives to create a super explosion. Whilst Team Arrow have their own fight to deal with, Oliver is once again alleged to be the Green Arrow by the FBI. It is only through a large bail that he is free for now, but with Diggle physically incapable of moving and in the hospital, Oliver must once again put on the hood that has defined him. Through a small stint as the Green Arrow, Oliver confronts Cayden and his bomb. However, there wasn’t a bomb, and Cayden just wanted to get Oliver’s attention for a conversation. Sons seem to be a big theme of this season, as Cayden vows for revenge for what Oliver has done to his son. Will we get an all out son war between Oliver, Slade and Cayden? How exactly did he know Oliver would be wearing the hood for the night? As the team figures out what exactly happened to Cayden’s son, Thea wakes from her prolonged slumber.

Best moment of the week: The teaser for next week’s crossover special

Worst moment of the week: J’onn not playing the Martian chess equivalent board game with M’yrnn

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