Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 9 Mid-season Finale Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 9 Mid-season Finale
Christmas is no time to be celebrating when all our heroes lose something this mid-season finale Supergirl S03E09 – Legion of Superheroes Earlier in... Arrow, Flash, Supergirl And Legends Of Tomorrow – Week 9 Mid-season Finale

Christmas is no time to be celebrating when all our heroes lose something this mid-season finale

Supergirl S03E09 – Legion of Superheroes

Earlier in the season, Supergirl was arguably too dark and sombre; mostly due to Kara spending most 110% of her time grieving for Mon-El. A show founded on hope and optimism, it is understandable that fans get tiresome of the same trope seen repeatedly in Arrow. There was also no reason to dull over his character, because there was no chance that he would not return. On the other hand, its brought an amazing episode exploring young Kara and Alex’s relationship, and ties greatly to the darkness that Odette Annable’s character Sam (Worldkiller Reign) brings to the show.

The relationship between Kara, Lena and Sam have been one of the many positives this season. There have been other relationships brewing about, like Lena and Jimmy who kissed, and the return of Mon-El and his future wife, with a nice nod to the ‘Legion of Superheroes’. The break up between Alex and Maggie have been felt greatly as well. When it was revealed Sam would become this season’s antagonist, tensions were arising. And in the mid-season finale, watching Supergirl and Reign finally fight with Christmas background music felt very super. Kara has not been at full capacity, feeling confused with Mon-El’s arrival, and going into probably the best directed Supergirl fight, she loses in great fashion.

Legends of Tomorrow S03E09 – Beebo the God of War

Who would have thought that the time travelling show would be the show with the most stakes and the most deaths to main characters than the other DC CW shows? With Stein resting in good fate during the brilliant crossover special last week, the last episode of the year ends with a fantastic homage for Stein when he’s been transported to New Valhalla.

There’s no stopping how fun Legends of Tomorrow can get, and season 3’s mid-season finale was just another reminder of how time travelling shows can be both simple yet epic. After trying to claim a Beebo, a furby-like creature, for the holidays, a young Stein is transported to the Vikings’ first arrival to America. The Vikings soon fall in love with Beebo, worshipping it as its blood thirsty war loving god. With the help from Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) from the Time Bureau, an obvious romantic interest for Sara, they manage to foil Odin’s, Damien Dahrk, plan to create New Valhalla. In a brief glimpse, Sara is transported to an eerie dimension, peeking at a truly dark entity, Mallus. Jax gets to say another heart-warming goodbye to a young Stein, but not long until he decides that he must go on his own journey and leave the team. Whether he will miss the next few episodes, or there will be some time jump will be confirmed. However, entering back onto the ship, Sara finds a long-time friend of the Arrowverse, Constantine (Matt Ryan).

The Flash S04E09 – Don’t Run

Barry might have super speed, but his true power is how fast he is with his words of love. After his epic marriage to Iris last week, the dynamic couple must put a rain check on their honeymoon. In an overall average episode, The Flash has a few good moments, but another fantastic twist to end the year off.

Both Barry and Caitlin are captured, by The Thinker and Amunet (Katee Sackhoff) respectively. Both foes meta-collectors, one with an unknown motive, and the other for a price. The standout moment during the arc was the development of Iris. Since the beginning of the season, Iris has never fit the mould of team leader quite right, but its finally shown in this episode. Having to choose to use their resources on saving one person, she tries to save Caitlin, an obvious choice as there wouldn’t be much of a Flash show anymore if he died. More so when its just randomly dropped that Wally is in Cambodia for an unknown reason. Caitlin’s journey saving Dominic (Kendrick Sampson), a telepath, ends with a newfound friend. A bit naïve of Caitlin to invite him to a Christmas celebration with secret identities after just one life-threatening encounter. Its only at the pinnacle of the episode that her attempts were null, Amunet captured him again soon after and sold him to DeVoe, who has now transferred his body into Dominic’s. A new body, right in the midst of everyone Barry loves, but the real twist is when he gets Barry to go back to his apartment to find a dead bloodied DeVoe. However, he chooses not to run.

Arrow S06E09 – Irreconcilable Differences

More than often Arrow’s theme tackles quite controversial topics. This week’s theme was Oliver and Felicity getting married, surveillance. Taking everyone’s minds off Olicity, the episode delves upon a traitor in the group, when Lance gets information that there is a key witness ready to confirm Oliver as the Green Arrow. One by one, the team falls apart, after Oliver reveals that he’s been tracking and spying on his own team, accusing Dinah to be the traitor, and kicking Rene out when he confesses that he did it to save his daughter.

Oliver calls back the whole squad to try and save a captured Quentin and regain some trust, but it seems the only trustworthy person is dark Lauren who lets Quentin live. A highly controversial theme that added a lot of tension and stakes in the mid-season finale, which can only be brought over when every sidekick decides to quit. Whilst Curtis is alone for now, Rene embraces his daughter with a promise he most likely can’t keep, and Dinah looks to her old partner Vincent, Vigilante.

It seems Oliver isn’t the only one spying though, as the episode ends with a super villainous team overlooking a camera installed by Black Siren into the Arrowcave. Standing alongside dark Lauren and James Cayden is Vincent, Ricardo Diaz (the man who supplied drugs to Diggle) and beloved Anatoly.

Best moments of the week – Beebomas

Worst moments of the week – Anatoly how could you!

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