Arrow Season 5 Episode 21 – “Honor Thy Fathers” Review Arrow Season 5 Episode 21 – “Honor Thy Fathers” Review
Arrow goes into full force, as the third last episode of season 5 unleashes a number of key moments. After a long awaited return... Arrow Season 5 Episode 21 – “Honor Thy Fathers” Review

Arrow goes into full force, as the third last episode of season 5 unleashes a number of key moments. After a long awaited return from the hiatus, and two weeks without any Prometheus action, Chase returns in his dreaded costume, alongside Oliver in his much loved hooded gear as well. They both reminisce about their fathers, trying all the way back to season 1’s plot, delivering an emotion filled episode, filled with suspense and mystery as to how the rest of the season will unravel.

There are a number of things that returned in Honor Thy Fathers. Knowing that Thea might be in trouble, Oliver calls for her return, because putting her right where the action is is always the best thing to do. The Queen legacy, led by the deceased Robert Queen, also makes his return this week, with the central theme of the episode as the importance of fatherhood. Chase sends the Oliver administration vital footage that clearly shows Robert killing a man. And what does Chase do, he sends the dead carcass straight to Oliver’s office. Another amazing showmanship of Chase, through the plethora of dastardly deeds throughout the season.

Reluctant to defy his father’s name, Oliver eventually comes to terms with the truth, when Thea reminds him of how crazy their lives really can be. Her life story, her biological father is Malcolm Merlyn, and the man who raised her also turned out to be not so wholesome, just reminds us of the many daddy issues present in the Arrowverse. Oliver takes it upon himself to release this to the press, as the news would come out sooner or later.

Meanwhile, because Chase turned out to be a psychopathic killer, his actions as a lawyer have been overturned. The convicts he previously prosecuted are now released on bail, which include Sampson, the Stardust drug dealer who feels no pain. Chase and Sampson are collaborating to release a chemical bomb in Star City, made by Justin Claybourne, aka Prometheus’ father. After an inspiring talk by Felicity, Oliver once again dawns the green suit, and Team Arrow sets their sight on delivering justice.

Team Arrow finds the bomb and engages with Chase and Sampson’s party. While Oliver confronts Chase, the rest of Team Arrow try to stop Sampson and the bomb. The action sequences did not deliver in terms of explosions or an amazing fight sequence, but managed to portray the theme of the episode. Oliver takes down Chase not with force, but with words. Oliver tells Chase that Claybourne’s plan for his illegitimate son was to disown him. Horrified by the news, Chase surrenders, and Team Arrow not only defuse the bomb and stop Sampson (surprisingly), but manage to capture Chase, now locked in an ARGUS prison.

Although the anticipated Oliver and Chase showdown was seemingly too easy, it had great thematic elements. The return of the green arrow suit was definitely a surprise, but ties greatly into the episode and the fight. Even though Felicity’s speech wasn’t as heartfelt as it could be, Oliver is reminded that he can’t be concerned with some sort of legacy and a dark past. He must be unafraid of making change and shaping his life. He comes to terms with his father and his life, putting on the hood and bringing Chase down. The entirety of Prometheus’ existence is to avenge his father, so to hear that his father didn’t even think of him as a son broke him down.

Rene’s daughter subplot also fit very nicely into this episode as he struggles to determine his fitness for fatherhood. The bond between Lance and Rene has been slowly growing through banter and a professional relationship. The interactions between Lance and Rene are really felt this week, as Lance tries to support Rene to testify at his daughter’s custodial trial. However, Rene is still unable to grasp his past, and thinks that the best thing for his daughter is to stay out of her life. He fails to show up to the trail, failing, much like Oliver and Chase’s fathers as well.

Alongside the Queen family and Chase returning, the flashbacks with Anatoly have finally returned. Even though it was such a long time ago that their story was shown, it was not difficult to pick up right where they left off. Anatoly and Oliver return to the dreaded island Lian Yu, as part of his plan to eventually get rescued. Its known that he gets rescued on Lian Yu in a scruffy bearded attire, so his story his clearly not finished. Out of nowhere, the still alive Kovar returns, knocking Oliver out, leaving only a vast ocean between him and safety.

Everything is almost coming to an end, with many questions on Arrow still unanswered. Time and time again Prometheus reminds the team that he’s always ten steps ahead. It won’t be far off that his capture was all planned, making him much closer to a point where he can strike harder. Last episode also ended with Chase and Oliver’s son. A small anecdote from Felicity ensures Oliver that his son is safe and away from danger, but foreshadowing tells us the opposite. The use of Chase’s denial of prosecutions also brings a new element to the show, which might possibly reveal a large showdown of a plethora of criminals rampaging through the city. Talia Al’Ghul and Artemis are also yet to return, if they even do. There are only two episodes left to season 5, and hopefully an epic battle will be seen.

Arrow airs on Wednesdays on The CW.

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