Arrow Season 5 Episode Episode 22 – “Missing” Review Arrow Season 5 Episode Episode 22 – “Missing” Review
It has been said that Season 5 has been a return to form for Arrow, and very reminiscent of Arrow‘s earlier seasons. In the... Arrow Season 5 Episode Episode 22 – “Missing” Review

It has been said that Season 5 has been a return to form for Arrow, and very reminiscent of Arrow‘s earlier seasons. In the penultimate episode of season 5, Arrow reminds us of the lore of those seasons and brings a thrilling episode to what will be an incredible conclusion to an incredible season, with every single deadly assassin and archer returning to the Arrowverse. The best plots of Arrow have revolved around personal conflicts, and Oliver having to face morally ambiguous situations. Season 5 has revolved exactly around this, in particular dark pasts. This week’s episode has brought everything into full circle, reminding fans of past seasons, as well as bring some of the best characters of Arrow back.

In a more than stunning episode, Missing delivers a calculated Prometheus with steadfast precision and impeccable timing. Team Arrow’s premature success was everything but successful. Good villains can make heroes temporarily submit; great villains turn heroes’ lives inside out, kidnap their secret children, recruit people from their past to turn in on them, kill their own wife if it gets in the way of their plans, kidnap their entire team, and make them go against the law and help the villain escape from prison. Even without the terrifying robes, Prometheus proves again how villainous he is.

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Chase latest antics are to kidnap literally everyone. Last week’s episode ended with Rene not showing up to his daughter’s trial. This week picked up almost immediately, after a not so happy birthday party for Oliver. Oliver and Felicity share an intimate moment to express their somewhat dating, take one step at a time, future together, but is entirely ruined when Curtis and Dinah go missing. Thea and Quentin are confronted by Laurel Lance and Artemis. In a desperate move, Oliver sends Diggle and Felicity to leave, who then get kidnapped by an assassin who tips their car with a sweet sword move.

In a desperate move, Malcolm Merlyn decides to help Oliver to save his daughter. A great nod to how complex and great of a character Malcolm can be. The opposite characteristics between the two complemented each other extremely well, and Malcolm convinces Oliver to do what is necessary for family. In an action filled episode, Oliver and Malcolm try to find Team Arrow and figure out Chase’s next step, in what could be a great buddy cop spin-off. Oliver confronts Chase, who is to be transferred to another prison, but finds out Chase is in possession of his son. Oliver’s greatest fear comes alive, and family is blood thick. Chase makes Oliver help him escape. Alongside Malcolm, they tackled an army of guards and ensure Chase escapes on a helicopter.

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The flashbacks were also a great addendum that also greatly reflected the episode. Kovar traps Oliver and punishes him Russian style. He inflicts past emotional trauma to Oliver, who now starts to hallucinate. Oliver sees Yao Fei, his mentor on Lian Yu, reminding him of the darkness within him. Whilst his past continues to haunt him, it is ultimately the future and his relationships that save him again. It is a vision of Laurel who advise him of the love surrounding him, and to continue fighting.


Missing was filled with a reminiscent tone, with equal action and drama heavy sequences. Getting to see beloved characters like Yao Fei, Malcolm and Laurel solidified the exemplary run and theme of the season. In addition, it was further cemented with the introduction of Nyssa and Slade Wilson. In what can only be described as the ultimate archery contest, episode 22 fantastically set up an season finale that is now brimming with potential. Furthermore, the showdown is set to be staged on the island that truly started it all, Lian Yu. As Chase lines up all who Oliver loves, greatly resembling the scene of Moira Queen’s death, fans have to wait another week for the resolution of arguably Oliver’s greatest villain yet.

And all because they made a surprise birthday party for Oliver.

Potential showdowns

Killer Archer (Oliver) vs Killer Archer (Chase)

Killer Archers (Oliver & Malcolm) vs Killer Archer (Chase)

Sister Assassin (Nyssa) vs Sister Assassin (Talia)

Archer sidekick (subject to Thea being released) vs Archer sidekick (Artemis)

Sidekicks (Dinah, Curtis, Rene?) vs Sidekicks (Artemis, Laurel)

Black Canary (Dinah) vs Black Canary (Laurel)

Slade vs Season 6

Arrow airs on Wednesdays on The CW.

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