Check Out This Amazing Moonlight Video Essay Check Out This Amazing Moonlight Video Essay
Barry Jenkins' Best Picture-winning Moonlight is brilliant deconstructed in this new video essay. Check Out This Amazing Moonlight Video Essay

Barry Jenkins’ Academy Award-winning drama Moonlight is an impeccable work of film language. Through ideology, tone, symbolism, and visual cues, it curates a landscape of an unspoken life, forever wishing to be heard. In its subtleness lies remarkable beauty and pathos – two incredibly important elements that should be championed rather than overlooked.

In this brilliant video essay by ScreenPrism, Jenkins’ coming-of-ager is decoded and deconstructed, as its usage of camera, sound, characterisation, and structure helps to form a poetry of modern identity and masculinity. Trust us; this’ll provide the most engaging eleven minutes of your Sunday. Check it out right here…

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The Best Picture-winning Moonlight is out now in UK cinemas. Click here to read our glowing review.

Source: ScreenPrism

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