China brands: the world’s leading platform for drop shipping China brands: the world’s leading platform for drop shipping
Drop shippers from around the world are choosing China brands to help develop their ecommerce business. Wholesalers from China provide the greatest price-quality relationship... China brands: the world’s leading platform for drop shipping

Drop shippers from around the world are choosing China brands to help develop their ecommerce business. Wholesalers from China provide the greatest price-quality relationship pricing, allowing higher profit margins to online stores.

In the new ecommerce business model, dropshippers conduct business without need of holding an inventory. They will order what they need from their suppliers and the product will be send straight to the final customer.

The drop shipping model consists of three main elements. The first is carried out by the end consumer, the customer who purchases the product online. The second element is the e-commerce retailer, acting as an intermediary between the consume and the wholesaler. These wholesale dropshippers sell items without ever physically having possession of them, so instead of managing stock, storage or fulfilment, the drop shipper orders the very same product the customer purchased from the suppliers.

These suppliers are the third main element. A business with their own products that have a mission: buy the products, store them, package them and send them to the final customer under the name of the e-commerce store. The suppliers also handle the returns.

The secret of drop shipping success is to choose the right product to sell

The first step every drop shipper has to take is to choose a range of products to sell: from videogames, candles, health and beauty products, technology and many others. A popular item will make a big difference to the success of the business. Although it is also important to select a product with a competitive price.

Therefore, China brands are becoming very popular, as a china dropshipper providing high profit margins and great quality items, including the very latest in cutting edge customer fashion and electronics.

By operating this way retails can offer a much wider range to the consumer, all purchased through dropshippers usa sites. Traffic to the retailer sites increase as customers find all their needs can be met, boosting site visits and increasing purchase conversions. More final orders for the retailer, and more orders for the wholesaler.

You don’t need to work hard if you work smart

If you decide to start an e-commerce store and choose a popular supplier to start with, you will just need to use just 20% of your time to complete 80% of the orders. All time you are saving co-working with China brands it can be used to create more effective and stronger customer relations and marketing strategies.

China brands also provide selected offers and free dropshipping wholesale for some of their high-demand products. So this option will help dropshippers to increase their earnings even further.  

Benefits of a drop shipping business model

Low capital needed: This is probably the biggest advantage of drop shipping. Your investment is limited to the services of an online platform and an efficient communication strategy to spread your brand. With the right SEO strategy and PPC agreements, online marketing is also incredible cost effective.

No inventory, less headaches: less stock responsibilities mean you can maintain a greater focus on customer service, website user experience, marketing and product offering. You can concentrate on your main goal; sell as much as possible at a competitive price and through creative methods.

Your location can be as flexible as you wish: as long as your keep in contact with customers and suppliers, anywhere in the world with an internet connection can be your office, and in operating worldwide between customers and wholesalers you can set your office hours to suit you and your customers.

Is easy to maximise your income: by leveraging drop shipping suppliers, you gain the time you need to plan the expansion of your business – without the stress of stock management or costs of storage and warehousing. But remember that sales growth will always bring additional work to your e-commerce.

And remember these fundamental steps:

  1.    Study the profitability of your chosen product
  2.    Study your chosen supplier platform: profit margins, website design and SEO strategy
  3.    Study which is your most effective selling platform
  4.    The success of your business depends on your relationship with drop shipping wholesalers and supplier relationships
  5.    Invest in SEO, social networking strategies and create a blog (or several) with quality content related to your store.

And remember, if you invest in products you are interested in, the whole experience will be much more interesting and you will transmit your personality to the store and differentiate it from the competition.


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