Coco (2018) Review Coco (2018) Review
A vibrant, cultured and heartfelt entry into the Disney Pixar catalogue. Many proclaim that music is the key to happiness and upon watching Disney... Coco (2018) Review

A vibrant, cultured and heartfelt entry into the Disney Pixar catalogue.

Many proclaim that music is the key to happiness and upon watching Disney Pixar’s latest movie Coco it’s very hard to deny such a statement. In fact, happiness and so much more are brimming from the studio’s latest venture into a new cultural plain that is both fascinating and simply exquisite in its visual presentation.

12-year-old Miguel (voiced brilliantly by young Anthony Gonzalez) is obsessed with music, with his passion fuelled by the legendary status of his great, great grandfather, Ernesto de la Cruz Benjamin Bratt), a musician who rose to fame with his guitar, charm and star status. The only problem for Miguel is that his family have imposed an ancestral ban on music, prohibiting Miguel from even attempting to sing or play a guitar, leaving him unhappy and resigned to a life of living by the family rules.

All that changes though when one day Miguel looks to defy the rules and find a guitar to play in the famous Day of the Dead talent show. But upon stealing a guitar that is owned by someone who has passed into the afterlife, Miguel is transported to the Land of the Dead where we encounters his ancestors and seeks out the one man who may be able to help him with his predicament, de la Cruz…

For all the familiar tropes that come with a Pixar flick, it’s hard to deny that each of them help to forge some truly unforgettable movies and thankfully Coco is among those highly thought-of movies to emanate from the animation studio. Where 2016 brought us a truly cultured offering from Disney, this year celebrates culture Pixar style with a wonderful representation of Mexico and the family traditions that are held so dearly by families in the region of the world. And that is a familiar identity with Coco, the essence of family and the history contained within years of siblings is for all to see and it is a sheer delight.

Delightful too is arguably the strongest characteristic of Coco; it’s exceptional and vibrant visuals that never cease to amaze. From the wonderful detail of each and every character – dead or undead – to the spanning of the worlds in which the film is populated, each frame is simply stunning. The colours strike with a magnificent glimmer and provide what is, in essence, one of Pixar’s best looking films of all time (no exaggeration whatsoever).

Coco is yet another Disney Pixar film that packs tons of heart, emotion and beauty, while also delving into a new culture rarely portrayed in this type of film. It’s a sheer joy to behold and one to look out for come Oscar season as it’s a shoe-in for the Best Animation gong.

Coco is out in UK cinemas on 19th January.

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