Doobious Sources (2017) Short Film Review Doobious Sources (2017) Short Film Review
If you’re on the hunt for the next hit when it comes to stoner movies, then look no further than Doobious Sources. We all... Doobious Sources (2017) Short Film Review

If you’re on the hunt for the next hit when it comes to stoner movies, then look no further than Doobious Sources. We all know there has been no shortage of stoner movies released over the years, but some manage to really hit it out of the park and resonate with the audience. This is the case with Doobious Sources, which is far more than just a nonsense romp with a group of random characters.

Characters with Edge

In these stoner type of movies it’s all too common to find main characters that just kind of blend together, don’t have much in terms of character development, and fail to connect with the audience. Nothing could be further from the truth in Doobious Sources, as this movie features well thought out characters you actually get to know and root for.

Both characters in the movie are freelance journalists and of course they both have a love of getting stoned. Now here’s where things are a bit different. Both the characters are rather witty and bright, which is the exact opposite of what you usually find in stoner movies. In this sense it appeals to a whole other audience that doesn’t exactly enjoy the typical stoner characters.

Let the Hijinks Begin

Of course it wouldn’t be a true stoner movie without a little hijinks taking place, and that’s exactly what the audience is treated to. These two characters like to see themselves as investigative journalists if you will, and decide to look into a variety of scandals and corruptions within the government.

As an added bout of laughter, the film uses the theme of the “fake news”, which as we know is incredibly relevant to actual happenings in the world. It helps to make the film more relatable and fun.

An Independent Offering

The film itself was produced by the Doobious Sources Production Company, and stars Jason Weissbrod, Jeff Lorch, Creagen Dow, Joe Cortese, and Edward James Gage. It had a very limited theatrical run, and is now available for download. Running just 98 minutes, it’s nice and short, which is what you want from a stoner movie such as this.

While many are already calling it a cult classic, there are those that found the jittery documentary-style filming to be too distracting. The movie itself is supposed to look like the two main characters are filming, so as you can imagine it’s not always ideal. The dialogue can also tend to get a bit off track at times, but that seems common in this genre.

Additional Classics to Check Out

Of course, if you finish watching Doobious Sources and you feel like you need more in this genre there are other classics to check out. Some of the popular movies include Paul, Ted, Grandma’s Boy, Pineapple Express, and Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. Each of these manage to deliver great times and memorable characters.

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