Exclusive Interview with Chantal Casutt Exclusive Interview with Chantal Casutt
Leading lady Chantal Casutt, who scooped up ‘Best Lead Actor’ in the award-winning hit drama “Thank You”, chats about life in Los Angeles as... Exclusive Interview with Chantal Casutt

Leading lady Chantal Casutt, who scooped up ‘Best Lead Actor’ in the award-winning hit drama “Thank You”, chats about life in Los Angeles as a Swiss actress, making movies in Hollywood, and more!

Welcome to Filmoria! Congratulations on your awards and nominations. What an incredible feeling, firstly though can you tell us about the movie, ‘Thank you.’

Hi guys, ‘Thank You’ is a drama film that follows the story of Ryan, a businessman on the outside but a broken poet at heart, who goes on a date with the woman of his dreams, Laura (my character). However, the date does not turn out the way we expect. While Laura is everything Ryan wants – graceful, independent, and intelligent – she is also not afraid to point out his flaws. What occurs is both a somewhat charming and uncomfortable conversation between the two where we see how Ryan romanticizes Laura to the point where he cannot see the real her.

Can you tell us about your character Laura?

Yes so, I play Laura, a young woman wise beyond her years. She is charismatic, graceful, fiercely independent, and loves fine wine and poetry. She seems perfect with no real flaws but what we realize toward the end of the film is that this is because we have only seen her through Ryan’s perspective.

You won Best Actor for your role as Laura. How challenging was your character?

As an actor, this was an interesting challenge. How do you play someone who is written to be somewhat flat and only depicted through the male gaze? This role perhaps more than any other I’ve had so far was a collaboration with the director to achieve his vision. I am super thankful for all the recognition of my role and the film itself.

Chantal Casutt

Can you tell us about a fun memory from the set?

This set was a whirlwind in the best way. It’s the most dressed up I’ve ever been on a set as Laura turns up on the date in a ball gown. The MUA and I also spent a lot of time figuring out hair and makeup to compliment the location, which is a real restaurant. Also, fun fact, the whole movie was supposed to be in black and white, but the director ended up changing his mind in post-production.

You have starred in some other notable films and TV shows. Can you tell us a little about some of your favorite roles to date, and why?

I find something to love in every role I play but I definitely have my favorites. One of them is Goddess, the character I play in the show Godlike Gaming. I love the role because she is the antagonist of the story and it’s just so much fun playing someone who is so different from me. Another that always sticks in my mind is Sissy, one of the leads from the play A Piece of My Heart that I performed a few years back. Sissy is the sweet, warm girl next door, but she grows so much throughout the play and becomes a force to be reckoned with because of the trauma she experiences. Working through that was painful but incredibly rewarding.

What’s next for Chantal?

A new movie called ‘Brave Old World’ will be released to festivals soon as well as a fictional podcast. I also have a few projects in the works that I’m excited for but cannot yet share much about!

Thank you so much for the chat. We can’t wait to see what comes next for you! For more of Chantal Casutt follow her on Instagram | Facebook | IMDb

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