Film Franchises that Morphed into Other Industries Film Franchises that Morphed into Other Industries
Movies should be in movie theatres, and not on our bodies! This is a rather bold statement you usually hear from an oblivious bigot.... Film Franchises that Morphed into Other Industries

Movies should be in movie theatres, and not on our bodies! This is a rather bold statement you usually hear from an oblivious bigot. But what if we really thought about it?

The philosophy behind this so-called movement is rather simplistic in its core. Human beings as such are relatively easily bored, and need reassurance and a renewal of the entertainment they are absorbing in order to continue the streak of joy. Statistics in the past decade, which is, coincidentally the era of social media and internet access everywhere, have shown that we should put the blame for our incurable tediousness on our mobile phones.

Be that as it may, and regardless of the source of the matter on our hands, cinematography seems to be insufficient as such to the viewer, and they need to see it in a different shape and form. That is how the modern-day merchandise phenomenon came into existence. We as humans were not satisfied with our favourite film or a musician, or a cartoon. Or rather, we could not have enough of it. In order to be able to carry that prince charming that melts you heart or that hardcore movie that all of your friends are talking about, everywhere with you, we invented merch. That way you could clasp a pendant around your neck, look at the poster every morning you wake up or put on that really cool leather jacket with that metal band engraved on its back. And on the pin on the lapel.

And merch was just the first step of the way. Donning this kind of apparel merged with expressing our own identity, and the two became inseparable. Nowadays it is a commonplace to identify with your preferences, and the sneaky heads of mass consumption see our wants. The spirit of capitalism has reinforced this shape shifting, and today we are discussing movies that have transgressed the boundaries of film-making.

Going back to boredom, people had to devise a new form of fun that will suit their new needs. That is how the trade of traditional gambling was converted into online gaming, which was the perfect fertile land for the reproduction of this rapidly growing curiosity that was dissatisfaction with what we had. And suddenly we had the cure. Now you can play a casino game inspired by virtually all of your favourite TV shows and movies such as Vikings, A Nightmare on Elm Street or Jurassic Park at some of the best UK online casino websites out there.

The God of Commerce

If we needed to single out one director that has truly made sure his films made it into the mainstream, then it would have to be Quentin Tarantino.

Right now you are thinking about all those black and yellow sweatshirts that ladies went crazy about when Kill Bill Vol. 1 first came out aren’t you? The real craze with millennials occurred when they discovered Pulp Fiction was a thing. Ever since everyone started listening to Urge Overkill, and that is owing to Tarantino’s admirable show business skills. The man really knows his marketing. His upcoming cinematographic child Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has been surprisingly included in this year’s Cannes festival, and no one is really sure why.

Fashion is evidently the following stride. Pieces that we have been seeing on international runways are directly influenced by pop culture; that we all know. And what is pop culture impacted by? The adrenaline-charged stimuli that we get from when a peer recognises a reference we have made reinforces our urge to keep every sign of our interest in the film on our person.

Nevertheless, it is now on trend to wear clothing ironically, say, a shirt with a face of a singer whom you have never seen before. This way franchises transcend into another dimension of sarcasm and satire. Industries brush each other periodically, and it is just the matter of time when we will figure out what comes after. What is our next destination? Stay tuned.

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