The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow – Week 16 Roundup The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow – Week 16 Roundup
The Flash S04E14 – Subject 9 A hero’s welcome for the return of Flash, but a poor man’s return for Barry Allen. Not everyone... The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow – Week 16 Roundup

The Flash S04E14 – Subject 9

A hero’s welcome for the return of Flash, but a poor man’s return for Barry Allen. Not everyone seems to think Barry is as innocent as he looks, and Captain Singh is forced to give Allen an ‘indefinite leave’. With no job, Barry can focus all his attention to finding the rest of the bus metas, whom the latest meta is sound manipulator Izzy Bowen. However, little does Team Flash know, but DeVoe’s body is deteriorating by the second and he needs a new host once again.

Predictability and The Flash seem to go hand in hand once more. As uncharismatic as Izzy is, and Cisco not even giving her a name, it was more than obvious that she was going to die. The writers tried to make the audience really root for her, after hurting DeVoe, joining the team and making Dibny befriend/love her very closely, but it all added to the unsurprising result of her demise. Credits has to go once again to Hartley Sawyer for really trying to make the relationship work, but everything about Dibny and Izzy felt so forced.

With only 3 unknown bus metas left, DeVoe’s powers continue to grow. The cerebral inhibitor Wells managed to build, with a slight nod to Season 3, had no effect on DeVoe. The new piece of information Cisco gathered is that he thinks DeVoe is hiding in a pocket dimension. And whilst Barry has no job, Dibny extends his hand to start a new detective duo business with his new best friend.

Legends of Tomorrow S03E12 – The Curse of the Earth Totem

Earth. Fire. Wind. Water. Heart/Spirit. ??? Captain Planet? It’s now a race between good versus evil for the six totems. Spirit is with Amaya, Water is with Kuasa and Air is with Zari. It’s a quest to bring the totems together, and Damien Darhk knows to hunt them down. The fire totem is in 2018 Detroit, and soon recovered by Darhk, forcing the Legends to travel to 1717 Bahamas, where the earth totem is, along with the notorious Blackbeard.

Leaving Sara behind to allow her to go on her date with Ava, the band discover everything about the pirate legends to be true. The Bermuda Triangle is cursed, pirates are scary, Damien Darhk is an admiral navy and Blackbeard is a spineless coward. A fantastic episode to unleash Amaya’s spirit, exploring her character unlikely ever before. She gets to showcase her natural British accent, becoming the pirate queen. However, the unsung hero has to be Ray, who remains to be the moral compass of the team. Steering everyone back on course, he confronts Darhk and his daughter, saving Nora after he shot her. He ultimately gives her the antidote as his guilt eats him up inside, retrieving the totems in the end. Or did he, it was not explicitly shown.

Meanwhile, Rip’s rendezvous with Wally was a fun side story that has made Wally more of a vibrant character than The Flash ever did. Whilst their paths did not intersect with the legends, only time will bring them together, and possibly make Wally a permanent cast member. Whatever the show has in store for him, Legends of Tomorrow always has a role for outsiders.

Arrow S06E14 – Collision Course 

Arrow season 6 episode 14 was very apparent why the mid-mid-season hiatus is such a bad decision to have. After watching Collision Course, it is unclear who the villain is and the direction of the second half of the season. We were left with a daunting calculated foe in Ricardo Diaz, yet he was nowhere to be found. On the other hand, Collision Course brought a tense episode that was inevitable in the team break up timeline. Like Batman v Superman, its a clash between heroes who have colliding views; but unlike Batman v Superman a safe word was not enough to save the day.

Star City is still missing all its money, and the culprit behind it is evil Laurel. Using magic technology, both teams eventually find out that Quentin has been hiding her. However, Oliver and his team want to protect her, and Dinah wants her dead. A showdown is ultimately met between the two teams. Curtis makes Diggle vulnerable with a button, Rene shoots Felicity, Oliver puts Rene into a near death state and Dinah doesn’t kill. After Collision Course, it is very apparent that bridges have been burned, but nothing is ever a point of no return in the Arrowverse. It seems Rene will be taking a break from the show, as he needs to be transferred to a new hospital, but perhaps his stubbornness can heal him from his broken bones. With all the internal conflict happening, Laurel manages to escape to find a trucker which she desperately tells him her name.

Best Moments of the WeekAmaya’s actual British accent

Worst Moments of the Week: Being reminded about Flash season 3

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