The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow – Week 17 Roundup The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow – Week 17 Roundup
The Flash S04E15 – Enter Flashtime In an intimate opening sequence where Barry says “I can’t save us”, was the perfect start to the... The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow – Week 17 Roundup

The Flash S04E15 – Enter Flashtime

In an intimate opening sequence where Barry says “I can’t save us”, was the perfect start to the self-contained episode Enter Flashtime. Taking a break from DeVoe, season 4 episode 15 features all the Flash’s (except for Wally), trying to stop a nuclear time bomb from exploding within seconds, where Barry, Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick travel through the speed force to find a solution of how to save Central City.

The Flash has been burdened not only by its main villains, but its smaller everyday episodic villains as well. Seeing a new meta-villain every week, to inevitably somehow get captured or disappear leaves no room for imagination or stakes for viewers. However, this week we get to see a new type of villain, Veronica Dale, a leader of an extremist eco-terrorist group. Not only was she not a meta, but belonging to an enemy faction increases the intensity of the villain for future episodes.

After going through every ‘smart’ or powerful ally, Barry, Jesse and Jay find no solution. It is only until he speaks to Iris that he gets the answer to his problem. Just like the villain, the hero could appear as a normal person, but a different perspective is exactly what you need.

A lot of relationships were deepened and explored further, emphasizing the intimacy of the episode. After the near death situation, Harry finally opens up to Jesse about her mother, and Tom Cavanagh is the only person who could have pulled such an emotional moment so fitting in The Flash. Caitlin and Killer Frost might start becoming one entity, much like Firestorm, where she remembers what Killer Frost was doing for the first time ever. And the ominous girl from a few episodes ago, is back, in what can only be described as recon for a stalker.

Legends of Tomorrow S03E13 – No Country for Old Dads

In last week’s episode, Ray decided to turn back and save Norah Darhk from his anti-magic ray gun. However, his scout’s honour got him kidnapped. Damien forces Ray to fix the fire totem, but can only done with a massive amount of energy, such as the invention of cold fusion. Damien gallantly reveals that cold fusion was invented, he just assassinated the man; cue 1960’s Berlin.

Nora & Ray go on a time trip to save the inventor of Cold Fusion. Meanwhile, on the Waverider, Rip and Wally are on board, Sara and Ava spend the night, Amaya and Zari go on a vision quest, and Nate and Mick are nowhere to be found. No Country for Old Dads, like the film the title is referring to, explores the complicated relationship between child and father, as well as the father’s quest for glory. However, without a milkshake in sight, Damien does understand the importance of his relationship with Nora. Whilst on their journey, current Damien fights 1960’s Damien to save his daughter, only for Nora to soon unlock the spirit totem’s powers. Despite Nora and Damien’s newfound powers and bonding experience, the Legends arrive in the nick of time, with their newest member stealing the show. Wally manages to steal the fire totem from Damien, saving Ray at the same time.

Nevertheless, the spirit totem is corrupted, and Amaya & Zari’s spiritual journey reveal the darkness in the spirit world. A talk with their ancestors reveal that Mallus is derived from the spirit world, and it’s only the power of the spirits that can save time itself from Mallus’ threat. In other bad news, Grodd kills director Bennett right in front of the Legends’ eyes, making Ava director of the Time Bureau now. And her first order, getting Rip back on board. As Ava and Rip say their goodbyes, Wally returns the wave but decides to stay on the ship, but as Rip cunningly usually does, he tells Gideon to delete a file about the ‘secret’ of Ava’s history.

Arrow S06E15 –  Doppelgänger

Just like seeing your best friend from childhood who you haven’t seen in ten years, Doppelgänger showed the world how much we missed Roy Harper. With a spice of season 2, featuring intimate relationships and old memories, season 6 episode 15 gives a much needed revitalization to the show.

Apparently the case against Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow continues, when the accuser brings out a new subject to testify. In addition, Laurel Lance goes public to being Laurel Lance, adding new complications to Oliver’s simple life. Whilst Curtis tells Rene’s daughter the sad news about her father, Oliver finds out Roy Harper is the person of interest. Thea, dawning the red hood, and Laurel, dawning the Lance hood, become the subject of this episode.

Exploring the old relationship between Thea and Roy was such a delight, and felt very refreshing, as opposed to the constant conflicting bickering between the two hero teams. And although still part of the episode, Dinah and Curtis are hardly noticeable, as the show revolved about the honesty between Thea, and the dishonesty of Laurel. And although it has been a while since Thea has hurt anyone, the red hood, Thea managed to show the human side of her. Whereas, Laurel appearing to be more empathetic by being Laurel Lance to everyone else, really is playing everyone behind their backs by getting in bed with Diaz.

Roy is eventually saved and is reunited with Thea (and Oliver). However, this is by no means a long term plan. The return of Roy would be a fantastic replacement to Diggle, who constantly battles injury after injury, but at the same time, if he leaves it would be a great out for Thea as well, who has not had much significance to the show since her return. The episode ends with another player in Star City, the League of Assassins, with an unknown lady mouthing the words ‘the heir of Ra’s al Ghul.

Best Moments of the Week:

  • Roy Harper
  • Harry’s emotional scene with Jesse

Worst Moments of the Week: 

  • How fast were they running to do all that in a few seconds?

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