Heroes & Villains Fan Fest London Visit – Arrow, Captain America & More Heroes & Villains Fan Fest London Visit – Arrow, Captain America & More
Yesterday we had the great pleasure of joining the masses who embarked upon London’s Kensington Olympia as Day Two of Heroes & Villains Fan... Heroes & Villains Fan Fest London Visit – Arrow, Captain America & More

Yesterday we had the great pleasure of joining the masses who embarked upon London’s Kensington Olympia as Day Two of Heroes & Villains Fan Fest got underway with a whole host of stars emanating from the world of comic book television. Ranging From Arrow to Gotham, and even by way of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the con was certainly a popular event and here’s what we experienced during the packed day.

Stephen Amell – Green Arrow panel

Kicking off the day, the man who can seemingly do pretty much everything, Stephen Amell took to the stage as he addressed the crowds of fans who have loved him from day one as the charismatic and hardened Oliver Queen in Arrow. Stating just how grateful he was for those in attendance, Amell would kick off with explaining his recent brush with Ninja Warrior.

Tackling the course as part of America’s own Red Nose Day fundraising, Amell discussed how terrified he actually was on taking on the challenge and explained that there were certain parts of the course that were undoubtedly daunting. That and the drop into the water! Even the man who makes the salmon ladder look easy has fears it would seem!

Then talk inevitably moved on to Arrow and the incredible latest season of the long-running DC show. Posed many questions by fans, one interesting piece of information given by Amell was that while the theme of next season will be ‘Family’, citing the possibility of Oliver and William’s relationship being the focal point as we head forward.

Amell himself would actually be joined on the stage by none other than three special ‘gatecrashers’, starting with the beautiful Emily Bett Rickards, followed by his brother Robbie – who confirmed that principal photography on their movie Code 8 had begun – and then Josh Segarra jumped on stage to join in on the fun.

What we learnt during these brief moments of additional personnel? Amell and Rickards would consider a musical episode of Arrow, as long as John Barrowman was involved, and also Amell would want to bring in all possible notable characters should they be granted a feature length movie edition. Rickards would simply demand one thing – Batman!

Hayley Atwell & Stanley Tucci – Captain America panel

Second panel of the day and we took a trip down memory lane with both Hayley Atwell and Stanley Tucci as they discussed Captain America and plenty of other projects in-between.

With talk heading back to the roles of both their characters within the Marvel universe, we soon came on to the subject of Atwell’s Peggy Carter and her own show. Obviously still in love with this strong female presence, Atwell explained how it was a huge shock that Agent Carter was cut by ABC and there will always be hope that it could one day return (Netflix, anyone?!). She also announced that should she have to choose between its return and a Conviction revival there would be no contest – Agent Carter all the way.

Tucci would go on to explain how fun it was to work on the Hunger Games movies, especially his wardrobe, but added that actually his favourite role was in fact The Lovely Bones, a film that should be checked out by all if you haven’t already.

Katie Cassidy, Emily Bett Rickards & Josh Segarra – Arrow Panel

Our final panel of Sunday came by way of the Arrow presence once more and the brilliant trio of Katie Cassidy, Emily Best Rickards and the MVP of the weekend, Josh Segarra. Playing Laurel Lance/Black Canary/Black Siren, Felicity and Prometheus/Adrian Chase respectively, the three would be absolute stars on the stage showing just how amazing their chemistry is.

With plenty of laughs and anecdotes of their time on set, the trio would also try out their hand at some dancing, courtesy of Segarra explaining he can dance as well as he acts, especially with his time on Broadway. Segarra would also add in that he would one day love to star in the West End. We’d have him back over here in a heartbeat!

One of the most poignant moments of the panel would come with Cassidy describing her return to the Arrow team and describing the sense of belonging within the cast. “We are a team. We are a family.”

Segarra would also throw in the excitement of playing a bad guy, with Cassidy also pitching in that she actually relished the days in which she could flip things and play Black Siren. We’re likely to see more of her next season too as she did confirm next season she is back as a regular. Rejoice one and all!

You can check out some images from the event below.

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