Hollywood’s most iconic smiles: 11 actors whose smiles speak volumes Hollywood’s most iconic smiles: 11 actors whose smiles speak volumes
Whether they light up the red carpet with every public appearance or they choose to smile just for a couple of roles, actors really... Hollywood’s most iconic smiles: 11 actors whose smiles speak volumes

Whether they light up the red carpet with every public appearance or they choose to smile just for a couple of roles, actors really have a way of charming entire audiences. In general, when we think of the perfect smile, we think of an actor. To a certain extent, a perfect set of pearly whites is a job requirement and aspiring actors go to great lengths to fix any issues that might affect their careers.

However, there’s more to smiles than a dazzling white colour and a perfectly symmetrical face. There’s also a lot of emotion behind a smile and, as these 10 actors show it, some Hollywood smiles go down in history:

1.    Julia Roberts

Although a professional dentist could “deconstruct” Julia Roberts’ smile and explain what exactly makes it so appealing, for the average moviegoer, Julia’s smile is simply magical. Ever since ­Pretty Woman, everyone knows her for her beautiful smile, and this probably won’t stop any time soon. Her secret? Good genes, apparently. Julia confessed in an interview that she only got one cavity her entire life and she sticks to a basic oral health routine taught to her by her grandpa.

2.    Drew Barrymore

Known for her comedic roles, Drew Barrymore has one of the sweetest and most charming smiles in Hollywood. At age 44, Drew is often asked about the secret of her youthful appearance and she always replies that a beautiful smile is her best makeup.

3.    Robin Williams

The timely death of Robin Williams left everyone shocked and delivered a tough lesson about mental health. The actor, however, stays in movie history and in the hearts of all his fans with his iconic roles, feel good movies, and his contagious smile. Everyone who came in contact with Robin Williams said that he was compassionate and modest, both as a person and as an actor.

4.    Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando’s acting career is one of the most impressive of all time, including cinematic masterpieces like The Godfather, A Streetcar Named Desire, or Last Tango in Paris. Known for his magnetic screen presence, Marlon Brando also goes down in history has one of Hollywood’s biggest sex symbols and owner of a dazzling smile.

5.    Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper’s sweet and genuine smile recommends him for comedies as well as quirky romances. From The Hangover, the movie that jumpstarted his career, to the recent hit A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper is a charming presence in every role he takes.

6.    Halle Berry

At 52, Halle Berry is absolutely ageless, and a perfectly white smile is one of her secrets. A long-time advocate for mindfulness, medication, and sports, Halle Berry owes her stunning looks to a healthy life style, but she has also confessed that she’s been working with the same aesthetician for more than 18 years and that she pays great attention to how she looks after her teeth.

7.    Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is a brilliant, magnetising presence in every role he plays, and not just for his incredible acting skills. The actor’s smile, which has graced many magazine covers, is also one of his strongest assets in the industry.

8.    Cameron Diaz

A feminist, nature lover, sports enthusiast, and healthy eating advocate, Cameron Diaz is one of Hollywood’s loveliest actresses – and her beautiful inner glow is reflected in her smile. In fact, when going to the dentist to achieve that stunning, pearly white smile, many women give Cameron Diaz as an example.

9.    Marylin Monroe

It was Marylin Monroe who said that “A smile is the best makeup a girl could wear”. To this day, Marylin remains one of cinema’s biggest sex symbols and her alluring smile is one of the reasons why both old and new generations love her so much. From her platinum blonde hair to her hourglass figure and signature red lipstick, Marylin’s timeless charm is hard to top.

10. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford’s iconic mischievous smile, which we’ve all seen in movies like Indiana Jones and Star Wars is one of Hollywood’s finest and we rarely get to see it off-screen. Although, to be fair, it’s more of a half-smile, and that’s exactly what makes it special, Harrison Ford is one of the most charming male celebrities – with or without the rebel attitude.\

11. Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is universally acknowledged for being one of the most charming female presences in Hollywood and her cute, playful and honest smile is one of her secrets. In an interview for her movie The Aftermath, her interviewer even said that her contagious smile had a healing power and he was already feeling better after his surgery.

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