How to Arrange a Romantic Date with Your Husband If the Child Is at Home How to Arrange a Romantic Date with Your Husband If the Child Is at Home
After a baby is born, couples are forced to cut personal time. Instead of romance, there come baby’s bottles, diapers, and sleepless nights. Still,... How to Arrange a Romantic Date with Your Husband If the Child Is at Home

After a baby is born, couples are forced to cut personal time. Instead of romance, there come baby’s bottles, diapers, and sleepless nights. Still, it is not a reason to forget about intimacy and your relationship. You should find some room for each other and learn to arrange romantic dates, even when the child is at home.

Is it even legit? If you are truly wondering about this, it’s certainly time to arrange a romantic night for husband/wife and to remind each other what the true romance is. We decided to share some tips for those who think it sounds like a fantasy.

Step 1. Decide upon a menu

Both ordered heart-shaped pizza and homemade heart-shaped cookies will be great. If you are running out of time, order some food from your favorite restaurant, so the difference between an actual date and a home date will be minimal. If you want to spend more time with each other, cook something together.

Step 2. Make a mixtape

Review your playlists. You have that “your song” for sure! Add it to your special evening mixtape together with the song that was playing for your first wedding dance, the one you listened on a first date, something that was popular the month you met, and a couple of timeless romantic hits. Or play against the rules: only punk or only dance songs!

Step 3. Get each other presents

If you plan a romantic evening for him, one of the first things to do is picking up some special underwear to spice up the evening. And yes, it can be your present. If you think it comes as a part of any date evening package by default, prepare one more pleasant surprise.

Step 4. Create a proper atmosphere

It is enough to light some candles to turn your apartment into a lovely place. To make it even better, clean the room, hide all the toys (to make sure you don’t step up on a Lego piece, ouch) and other baby stuff, get rid of everything that reminds about work. Put some flowers on a table; with them, the house will look entirely different. You can get some extra decorations and recreate the interior of your favorite place.

Step 5. Get a child to bed and come up with an alibi

You cannot just turn off a child and make sure they sleep all night without bothering you. That’s a fact. Also, you probably don’t want a child to hear the erotic talks or the intellectual discussion on the subject of something like, “Is Uberhorny real or no?” In case the little one eavesdrops about Uberhorny site and sex scam dot com, your erotic fantasies and confessions, or sees something they shouldn’t, be ready to explain what is going on.

Step 6. Dress up

Put on a nice dress and makeup to look like you are going out. The location doesn’t matter: this is a real date! Maybe it has been a very long time since you’ve seen each other in pretty clothes, something besides this causal house style, usually super-comfortable but too ugly to wear outside. Dress up to look classy, both of you.

Step 7. Recall your brightest moments

Remember that time you went on vacation together? Your first date? The day you met? What was the happiest place for you? What are some really crazy things you won’t dare to do again? Maybe your spouse will remind some important things, and you’ll discover some new things about past events.

Step 8. Talk. A lot.

Why not use this time for discussing some future plans, your dreams, things that seem exciting? Talk about all the little things you usually don’t have time to. Share the conspiracy theories and your ideas on the latest movies you’ve seen and reviews on those movies. Talk about everything and nothing at the same time, just like all the happy careless couples do.

Step 9. Show your passion

Maybe you should try that whipped cream thing like in the movies, some dirty talks and other tricks that turn you on but seem out of place any other day. If you want to test some interesting toys, to get a lap dance or something like that, this rare date is a perfect occasion.

Step 10. Save the date of the next romantic evening

By this time, you’ll realize that you should find time for the dates more often. Think about the next time you will be able to have some privacy. Maybe you’ll arrange a sleepover at granny’s or school friend for your child and will be open to some bold ideas. And if not, you already have a plan for a romantic night with a child sleeping in their room.

Your wedding anniversaries and Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only two romantic evenings in a year. Arranging a date at home when the child stays in the other room may be difficult. Devoting time for each other, however, is still legit, and it gets more significant with time.

Some couples have quality family time but start feeling awkward as soon as children leave a room. Going on dates helps to keep the romance alive. It helps to remember why you fell in love and decided to marry. It is key to understanding each other. If you can have a night or weekend out, it is perfect. If you don’t, you shouldn’t look for excuses but start working on an alternative plan instead.

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