Photo Above: AUTOMATA, winner of Best Feature FIlm North London based Unrestricted View Film Festival, wrapped up their six-day event on Sunday 28th April... ISLINGTON BASED ‘UNRESTRICTED VIEW FILM FESTIVAL’ Award Winners from the 2019 Announced

Photo Above: AUTOMATA, winner of Best Feature FIlm

North London based Unrestricted View Film Festival, wrapped up their six-day event on Sunday 28th April with an awards ceremony at the Hen & Chickens theatre where there were 24 different categories, encompassing all the varieties of film that the festival had to offer – from feature length, to shorts, to documentaries, to web series.

The festival, which has just celebrated its fourth year, is delighted to announce this year’s winners (full category list below)

Coming up trumps at this year’s awards, was the Scottish film ‘Automata’ (pictured above), winning in four of the six categories they were nominated in including winning Best Feature Film, directed by Lawrie Brewster (who was winner of Best Director for a Feature film).They also won Best Makeup/Costume and Best Feature Actress (Victoria Lucie who plays Rose); and the film was nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Feature Actor (Jamie Scott Gordon who plays Dr. Brendon Cole).

The 94minute film follows the story of antique’s expert Dr. Brendon Cole as he is sent to authenticate a 300-year-old clockwork doll with notorious history, aka “The Inferno Princess”. In the remote Scottish mansion where it was discovered, Brendon soon finds himself the victim of the automaton’s legendary curse.

Closely following ‘Automata’ in both category nominations and wins was the festival’s opening night film, ‘Dragonflies Only Live For 24 Hours’ which was nominated for five awards (Best Score, Best Feature Actor, Best Feature Actress, Best Director and Best Feature), winning Best Score and Best Feature Actor (Karl Kennedy-Williams), and was highly commended (runners up) for Best Feature Film and Best Feature Director (Richard Anthony Dunford).

Unrestricted View in collaboration with FMW Films is a collective of award winning theatre and filmmakers, established in 1997 to write and produce innovative and exciting new work. Combined, the companies have produced over 20 plays, five new writing festivals; three feature length films, four short films and hundreds of comedy shows, including the feature film, The Man You’re Not, which won Best British Feature at the London Independent Film Awards in 2017.

Award Nominations and Winners 

Best Feature


WINNER: Automata

Highly Commended: Dragonflies Only Live for 24 Hours

Best Comedy


  • The Accident (Dir: Kellie Higgins, UK)
  • Mind F*#k (Dir: Sherill Turner, UK)
  • The Switch (Dir: Paul Burt, UK)
  • Sump (Dir: Mike Wozniak, UK)
  • Masters (Dir: Mark Ward, USA)
  • Worthless (Dir: Dave Fulton, UK)

WINNER: The Accident

Highly Commended: Worthless

Best Director (Feature)


WINNER: Lawrie Brewster (Automata)

Highly Commended: Richard Anthony Dunford (Dragonflies Only Live For 24 Hours)

Best Actor (Feature)


WINNER: Karl Kennedy-Williams (Dragonflies Only Live for 24 Hours)

Highly Commended: Judson Vaughan (Dragonflies Only Live for 24 Hours)

Best Actress (Feature)


WINNER: Victoria Lucie (Automata)

Highly Commended: Jessica Palmer (Some Kind of Love)

Best Foreign Feature


  • Ginger (Dir: James C Boratyn & Melissa Boratyn, USA)
  • Barren and Empty the Sea (Dir: Lucas Parnes & Jesus Serna, Spain)
  • The Discarded (Dir: Piotr Skowronski, Canada)
  • The Island of Evenings (Dir: Garry Miley, Ireland)
  • Sugar Cube (Dir: Luke Jacobson, Australia)

WINNER: Ginger

Highly Commended: The Island of Evenings

Best Short


  • Futures (Dir: Daniel Marc Janes, UK)
  • The Smell of Petrol (Dir: Branko Tomovic, UK)
  • The Third Hand (Dir: Yonatan Weisberg, UK)
  • Seriation (Dir: George Bearpark, UK)
  • Skip Girl (Dir: Annabel Vine, UK)
  • Regrets (Dir: AJ Sykes, UK)

WINNER: The Third Hand

Highly Commended: Seriation

Best Foreign Short


  • Paris You Got Me (Dir: Julie Boehm, Germany)
  • Tongue (Dir: Adriana Martins da Silva, Portugal)
  • Actually (Dir: Mart Sander, Estonia)
  • The Son, The Father… (Dir: Lukas Hassel, USA)
  • Foxes (Dir: Tristan Taylor, USA)
  • Merry-Go-Round (Dir: Ray Wu, Taiwan)
  • Passage (Dir: Henry Colin, Canada)

WINNER: Tongue

Highly Commended: The Son, The Father….

Best Actor (Short)


  • Louie Baylis (Worthless)
  • Liam Collins (My Toughest Battle)
  • Nick Biadon (Seriation)
  • Marius Clements (Not Yet the Hero)
  • Ayinde Howell (Foxes)
  • Craig Parkinson (Futures)

WINNER: Ayinde Howell (Foxes)

Highly Commended: Craig Parkinson (Futures)

Best Actress (Short)


  • Gaynor Faye (Worthless)
  • Jeany Spark (Sump)
  • Julia Deakin (Mausoleum)
  • Gillian Saker (Goodbye Mondays)
  • Anna-Maria Nabirye (The Negotiator)
  • Charleen Meredith (Being Without)
  • Oriane Pick (Say Your Name)

WINNER: Jeany Spark (Sump)

Highly Commended: Gillian Saker (Goodbye Mondays)

Best Web Series


  • Rebound (UK, Dir: Andrew Ball-Shaw)
  • Just Saying (UK, Dir: Keiran Bourne)
  • Sagesse2Rue (France, Dir: Patrice Anselme)
  • Subverse (UK, Dir: Joseph White)
  • Unbelievers (UK, Dir: Matthew Colclough)
  • SK&J (USA, Dir: Jenn Liu, Susan-Kate Heaney)
  • Brie Can Do It (USA, Dir: Tony Santiago)

WINNER: Subverse (UK, Dir: Joseph White)

Highly Commended: Brie Can Do it (USA, Dir: Tony Santiago)

Best Documentary


  • Miniature Wargaming the Movie (Dir: Joseph Piddington, UK)
  • Film the Change: Plastic (Dir: Laura Mahler, UK)
  • Voices From The Mine: Artisanal Diamonds and Resource Governance in Sierra Leone (Dir: Roy Maconachie, UK)
  • The NO-MAD chronicles: The MERCYnaries of WAR (Dir: Mihail Kunchev, Bulgaria)

WINNER: Film the Change: Plastic

Highly Commended: Miniature Wargaming the Movie

Best Documentary (Short)


  • bOObs: The War on Women’s Breasts (Dir: Megan S Smith, USA)
  • Stride (Dir: Becky Robinson, UK)
  • Max (Dir: Dan Besley, UK)
  • Coming Home (Dir: Rob West, UK)
  • 2001: Pressure makes Diamonds (Dir: Kazim Rashid, UK)
  • Sian: Portrait of a Photographer (Dir: Dylan Friese-Green, UK)

WINNER: 2001: Pressure makes Diamonds

Highly Commended: Sian: Portrait of a Photographer.

Best Editing


  • N
  • No More Lights in the Sky
  • Two
  • 2001: Pressure Makes Diamonds
  • The Negotiator


Highly Commended: No More Lights in the Sky

Best Director (Short)


  • Annabel Vine (Skip Girl)
  • AJ Sykes (Regrets)
  • Forouzan Jalali (Gloomy Green)
  • Iacopo Di Girolamo (N)
  • Kenneth O’Toole (Two)
  • Kieran Bourne (Say Your Name)
  • Natalie Forward (151)

WINNER: Annabel Vine (Skip Girl)

Highly Commended:  Iacopo Di Girolamo (N)

Best Score


  • Some Ways to Get Rid of a Body
  • Paris You Got Me
  • Dragonflies Only Live for 24 Hours
  • Deep in the Woods
  • The Discarded

WINNER: Dragonflies Only Live For 24 hours

Highly Commended: Some Ways to Get Rid of a Body

Best Screenplay


  • Sarah Daly (Automata)
  • Ryan Grandtish, Melissa Boratyn, James Boratyn & Johnny Woj (Ginger)
  • Ryan Bennett (Take Me to the Waves)
  • Natalie Forward (151)
  • Branko Tomovic (The Smell of Petrol)

WINNER: Ryan Bennett (Take Me to the Waves)

Highly Commended: Branko Tomovic (The Smell of Petrol)

Best Make up/Costume


  • Automata
  • Scarecrow
  • Pitfall
  • Deep in the Woods
  • The Art Collector

WINNER: Automata

Highly Commended: Scarecrow

Best Art Direction


  • Tolerance
  • Paris You Got Me
  • Scarecrow
  • Goodbye Mondays
  • Forever Young
  • Knock at the Door

WINNER: Paris You Got Me

Highly Commended: Knock at the Door

Best Cinematography


  • The Old Man and the Dead
  • Hindsight
  • Carga
  • Inside the Wardrobe
  • Mausoleum
  • 151


Highly Commended: Mausoleum

Best Animation


  • Inverse
  • Anacronte
  • Feather Pillow
  • Panta Rhei

WINNER: Anacronte

Highly Commended: Feather Pillow

Best Sound


  • Carga
  • Some Ways to Get Rid of a Body
  • Anacronte
  • Mausoleum
  • Hindsight

WINNER: Anacronte

Highly Commended: Some Ways to Get Rid of a Body

Festival Director’s Choice

WINNER: Jack Grewar, director of Some Kind of Love

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