Latest LEGO Batman Movie Featurette Goes ‘Behind The Bricks’ Latest LEGO Batman Movie Featurette Goes ‘Behind The Bricks’
Go "Behind the Bricks" with this awesome new featurette for The LEGO Batman Movie! Latest LEGO Batman Movie Featurette Goes ‘Behind The Bricks’

In the style of Will Arnett…”What’s Up Bat Fans!?”

February 10th finally sees the release of The LEGO Batman Movie in the UK and here at Filmoria, we are itching to see him back in action alongside the likes of Michael Cera’s (This Is The End) Robin and Ralph Fiennes’ (A Bigger Splash) Alfred.

In this latest featurette released by Warner Bros entitled ‘Building The Bricks’ that delivers the zany and self-aware humour we’ve come to expect, it’s clear the egotistical tendencies of Bruce Wayne as he counts the dollars garnered from the success of The LEGO Movie in 2014, have rubbed off on his adopted son and trusted butler.

They’re not alone either, as Barbara Gordon’s police commisioner (Rosario Dawson) and villain of the piece The Joker (Zach Galifanakis) look to enforce what the film’s really about.

So expect mentions of the values of teamwork and family, the emotional rise of an English lad and characters apparently going together like coffee and doughnuts.

You can view the featuerette in all its superhero glory below!

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