Legends of Tomorrow – Week 15 Roundup Legends of Tomorrow – Week 15 Roundup
Legends of Tomorrow S03E11 – Here I Go Again It was only time until a Groundhog Day special would play in Legends of Tomorrow, and it... Legends of Tomorrow – Week 15 Roundup

Legends of Tomorrow S03E11 – Here I Go Again

It was only time until a Groundhog Day special would play in Legends of Tomorrow, and it affected the Legend’s newest member, Zari. Perhaps the writers of the show could have played a different trope than Groundhog Day, using the same mechanics, similiar to the film Happy Death Day. However, how events played out in Here I Go Again not only plays a great homage to a great film, but manages to reaffirm Zari as a Legend.

After a short stint fixing the Napoleon timeline, which we sadly did not get to see, the crew return to Zari, in charge of fixing the ship. Introduced as as the fast-replying, witty and somewhat rebellious member, Zari is never shy from an argument with Sara. Nor is she shy from trying to invent something new, remembering that she got first introduced as a tech specialist from the future. Playing perfectly from the departure of Jax, Zari’s new supposed role is the mechanic, who also happens to be one of the keys to stopping Mallus. Instead of just fixing the ship’s time doohickey, she decides to build a time simulation to relive moments that might unveil how to save her brother.

Before she knows it, after getting splashed in the face with blue goo, the ship blows up. Replaying the same explosion every hour, Zari learns the true meaning of belonging to a team. After all, Legends of Tomorrow was founded on the basis of misfits, and Zari seems to embody the misfit spirit impeccably. The premise of Grounhog Day would not play well in any other Arrowverse show, due to the fact of the depth and joy the characters in Legends of Tomorrow bring. There is always room to play around with each and every character, no matter how apparent they may be. Zari learns that Mick is writing a romantic sci-fi novel, Sara clearly needs to ask Ava out, Nate and Amaya need to settle whatever their pent up romance, and Ray needs to tell the truth about his anti-magic gun. The real lesson though is when Zari is willing to sacrifice herself to save the team, understanding the importance of herself and how much she belongs to the team.

Although it would have upped the stakes tremendously, there was no way of Zari dying as a new character. It was all in fact her simulation playing, and Gideon messing with her when she got hit with blue goo. Secrets don’t last relatively long on the Waverider compared to the Arrow cave, and all is easily forgiven when Zari tells everyone of her little adventures. However, with both Jax and Martin departing the ship, and Earth-X Leo also leaving last episode, the ship clearly needs more members. In the ending sequence, we see Rip in a small province in China, finding Wally West meditating.


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