Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow – Week 20 Roundup Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow – Week 20 Roundup
Legends of Tomorrow S03E16 – I, Ava The writers have done a fantastic job of Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow not only with their talents,... Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow – Week 20 Roundup

Legends of Tomorrow S03E16 – I, Ava

The writers have done a fantastic job of Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow not only with their talents, but their wordplay in their titles. I, Ava, a play on the film I, Robot, explores the secretive background behind the now Time Bureau director, Ava Sharpe. After trying to leave the Waverider by herself, Sara is confronted by Ray and Gary to find out the mysterious disappearance of Ava. Amaya turns into interim captain, forcing Zari to train Mick and Nate and Wally to go to Detroit to help protect Amaya’s granddaughter from getting herself killed.

On their quest to find Ava, Sara, Ray and Gary find out where she’s from, 2213 Vancouver, in a world where millions of Ava’s roam. Ava is nothing but a clone, or is she? When Ava hunts them down, she as well is as surprised as everyone else, and never knew where her past is from. Whether she has just been disillusioned to fake memories, or if she might be the original ‘Ava’, the answers fall to Rip Hunter.

Meanwhile, dynamic duo Nate and Wally go to present day Detroit to help Mari, who is without a spirit totem. Not actually seeing Mari at all, the team confronts Kuasa, who was just in this time period the whole time, protecting her sister. Using wit and charm, Nate recruits Kuasa to retrieve the spirit totem from the Darhks, but as most villain play goes, a double cross was imminent. However, not actually acting villainous in nature, Kuasa only wished to retrieve the spirit totem to give it back to her grandmother for redemption, but Amaya did not appreciate the gesture that almost gets Nate killed. Trying to save Nate, Amaya goes to battle with almost fully formed Nora/Mallus. Even with Wally’s help, the demon scoffs of his speed with the wave of her magical hands. It is only when Kuasa steps in, sacrificing her body to save her grandmother that she finally gets redeemed, but at the price of a dead body, and Mallus retrieving the water totem. Distraught, the episode ends with Amaya taking a jump ship to travel back to 1992 all on her own to rewrite the timeline.

Arrow S06E16 – The Thanatos Guild

Escaping the past is the theme of Season 6 Episode 16 of Arrow, a recurrent theme when every character has so much history behind them. However, The Thanatos Guild does not focus on Oliver, but Thea. Last week’s episode ended with an assassin looking for the heir to the ‘League of Assassins’, and the heir is no other than Thea. The League of Assassins was thought to be disbanded by everyone, but a new league was formed called the Thanatos Guild, and the key to unlocking Merlyn’s league secrets is through his daughter.

In the nick of time, Nyssa returns to save Roy and Thea her marriage with Oliver. Confronting a woman named Tigressa, and fighting the leader of the Thanatos Guild Athena, it seems Thea still has a knack for fighting. Not only was it great to see the red hood continuously again, but Nyssa is a great addition to the show, adding a very strong presence with amazing comedic ability as well. The Felicity and Curtis quirky comic relief can only be funny for so long, which writers’ fail to see that their jokes have run into the ground a long time ago. The gang find out what Merlyn’s secrets are, 3 Lazarus pits around the world.

Not able to escape her past as much as Oliver ever can, Thea realizes the adventure and combative spirit lives within her, and is something she cannot simply hide away from. She decides she wants to go on the quest to destroy the Lazarus’ pits with Nyssa, and Roy charmingly tags along. After 131 episodes, Arrow must say goodbye to the talented Willa Holland and Colton Haynes (again), for now. She dawned the Speedy moniker with amazing ability, and she will be missed.

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