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The movie industry is a diverse one: there are lots of genres, hundreds of talented actors with different acting abilities, and unexpected scripts that... Movies Based on Video Games

The movie industry is a diverse one: there are lots of genres, hundreds of talented actors with different acting abilities, and unexpected scripts that are supposed to make your heart throb.

If you are a movie fanatic, you’ve probably noticed that in recent years, directors tend to base movies on existing ideas rather than writing new scripts altogether. Some directors bring to life familiar books, true-events, and even older movies that they think are worth redoing.

The thing is, this tendency to copy existing plots is not something you see in the movie industry alone. There are plenty of games and books that copy ideas as well. For example, you can find various online casino games at the Thunderbolt Casino that rely on popular movies such as the Dark Night franchise, Jurassic World, and more.

The fact that there are games that were inspired by movies is a given fact, but what about the other way around? Are there any movies that copy video games? The answer to the question is a big, fat yes. Producers know that once they take a well-known game that has a large fan-base, they are bound to create a hit since gamers tend to stay devoted to games they like.

However, not many producers are brave enough to go down this road, which makes those movies quite unique. Learn about those movies now, and maybe you will fall in love with the original game as well!

Which Movies Are We Talking About?

More often than not, fans receive that kind of movie with mixed feelings: it is always nice to see familiar characters come to life, but what if the producers’ vision doesn’t match your own?

It can turn out to be a major let-down, but at the end of the day, if you diminish your expectations and you don’t compare the game to the movie, you might be surprised with the result. So which games turned into decent movies?

  1. Tomb Raider – You can’t ignore this franchise since there is a new reboot of the franchise out in the theatres nowadays, and it is not half bad. Featuring a brave explorer as the main character, the game itself caught the world on fire when it came out back in ’96, and it seems like people can’t get enough of Lara Croft. And don’t forget the 2001 movie rendition starring Angelina Jolie which was a major success and it should get the respect it deserves.
  2. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – Although fans of the game found the fact the Jake Gyllenhaal is playing the role of a Persian (whitewashing anyone?) wasn’t convincing, the fact that grand actors are a part of the project plays in its favor. Also, the plot is not half bad, and the producers managed to turn the game into something watchable. And the fans agree – the movie has a decent score of 6.6/10 on IMDB.
  3. Resident Evil – With six movies in the series, it is hard to tell which of them the fans loved most, but the first movie and the third one are probably the most successful. They both got a decent score on IMDB, which says a lot.
  4. Warcraft: The Beginning – Fans expected a lot from the movie that came out in 2016, and with good reason. After all, you can’t take such a popular game and expect people to stop comparing it to the original version. All in all, the result wasn’t bad, and the movie did well in theaters.
  5. Mortal Kombat – Even though the original game and the movie adaptation are quite old, the movie is considered as one of the best out there when it comes to game-based productions. The producers chose to stick to the games’ plot, which wasn’t hard considering it features one fight scene after another, and it never disappoints!

In Conclusion

Even though watching a movie based on a successful video game can disappoint the dedicated fans, you should keep your mind open and give those movies a try.

If you are a big fan of one character or another, you will probably want to put your hands on anything that features your favorite hero. If there are books, movies, and even casino games that focus on those characters – you are bound to at least enjoy your first encounter with them, so just relax and don’t compare them to the original version!

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