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Las Vegas is a wonder in Nevada. The focus of passion, amount, greed and vices. City of quick marriages, Elvis Presley, chic gaming clubs,... Movies from Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a wonder in Nevada. The focus of passion, amount, greed and vices. City of quick marriages, Elvis Presley, chic gaming clubs, and expensive hotels. Here they embark on a pre-wedding spree, they can lose capital at gambling tables and make madness when in any other town there is not enough courage. We present pictures about Las Vegas – an oasis of dangerous desires and gushing fun. Our list includes adventurous films about robberies of gaming clubs, stories about stag and hen parties, romantic stories, action films, crime stories. You can find yourself in the heart of Nevada without leaving your home.

Long Live Las Vegas (1964)

This picture came out in 1964. This is a comedy from renowned director George Sidney.

Lucky Jackson goes to Las Vegas to earn money for a new motor for his own vehicle. Otherwise, he will never be the first in the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Arriving in the city of entertainment almost in tow, he starts working as a waiter. Soon, the local beauty completely seizes his thoughts. Perhaps music can help win her heart.

Bachelor Party in Vegas (2009)

This comedy was released back in 2009. The film is directed by Todd Phillips.

They dreamed of having an extraordinary bachelor party in Vegas. Now, however, they really need to remember what exactly took place. Whose child ended up in the closet of an extraordinary hotel room? How did the tiger end up in the bathroom? Why does one of them not have a single tooth?

And, most importantly, where did the groom trample ?! What the guys were able to get up during the party cannot be compared with what they have to do soberly when they will constantly restore the events of the past night, every time – a new clue.

Bachelorette Party in Vegas (2011)

This comedy was released in 2011. The film is directed by Paul Fig.

Annie has a real mess in her personal life, and she has no time for fun at all. However, the girl will have to forget about her own problems: since soon she needs to go to a bachelorette party to her best friend. Girls can come off in a way that boys couldn’t even dream of.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

The picture was released in 1998. American film directed by Terry Gilliam.

Two friends go to the famous Las Vegas. One of them is known as Raoul Duke, he is a famous sports columnist, and travels to Vegas to cover the popular “Mint 400”. The second is known by the name of Dr. Gonzo. Or something like that. Dr. Gonzo is also a lawyer, but what’s the difference? And something unimaginable is happening. Native Nevada is impossible to recognize. Only special drugs are able to save from any of these creatures. Normal guys like our characters are sometimes even somehow uncomfortable in this chaos.

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

This picture was released back in 1995. This American melodrama from the famous and popular director Mike Figgis. Among the actors of the picture, it is worth noting our beloved Nicolas Cage, Elizabeth Shue, Juliana Sands, Richard Lewis, Stephen Weber and many other popular American actors.

If all life is a nightmare. If a long drinking binge ultimately ruined a career in a serious company. Perhaps it is possible to destroy everything that connected you with your past life and start a new one? Glittering and sinful Las Vegas

Where, in the midst of the splendor of nightlife, a lonely “moth” can be more attentive and at the same time more cordial than any psychoanalysts. Because she wants to save the unfortunate drunkard from himself … Can this extraordinary love help both? Or – to destroy both?

Once in Vegas (2008)

Once in Vegas, the picture was released back in 2008. This is an American-made comedy and melodrama from the famous American director Tom Vaughan. The main characters are Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher and others. Also in best non uk casinos you can find slots on the theme of this film.

After a night of revelry in Vegas, 2 completely unfamiliar people may wake up in the same bed and want to restore the course of events of the evening.

It turns out they got married and hit the big jackpot. And with a fresh mind, the newlyweds (each to himself) are developing a plan of how to get rid of their own “other half” and get the whole jackpot. Where means are involved, there is no place for love. Anything goes out in Vegas though.

From all of the above, we can make that today there are many pictures about Vegas, but only the above list is subject to your attention.

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