Terminator: Dark Fate is coming to UK cinemas 23rd October
New trailer for BOMBAY ROSE – premiering at Venice Film Festival
Cinestaan Film Company Presents the international trailer for BOMBAY ROSE Directed, Written and Created by Gitanjali Rao Opening the 2019...
“epic fun… a historically hilarious jumble of facts and fun…high Vs all round” Jason Solomons, BBC Radio London  ...
Infographic – 10 Fictional Sports That Came To Real Life
Harry Potter fans, Star Wars fanatics and Battlestar Galactica obsessive unite as we’ve been treated to a brilliant new infographic from SBO.net that features the fictional sports from our favourite television and film properties that have actually been made into real life sports. If you’ve ever wondered about games... Read more
Which Trailers Won Super Bowl Weekend?
With an incredible comeback from the New England Patriots, led by an inspired Tom Brady securing his fifth Super Bowl, the Super Bowl has now passed us by yet again for another year. For all the talk of this history-making fightback and Lady Gaga’s unbelievable half-time show, we also... Read more
Two Decades of Decorated Oscar Winners
With this year’s Academy Awards soon upon us and our full list of nominees gathered, it seems a good time to look back and reflect on some of the greats that have swept up the most Oscars in the past twenty years. Titanic With Titanic celebrating its twentieth anniversary... Read more
Why Ghost In The Shell Is Still So Important
With the much-hyped, and slightly controversial live action adaptation of popular Manga property Ghost in the Shell arriving in UK cinemas in March, it is quite rightly pointing many people back in the direction of the original 1995 anime movie. For fans, it is evident that Ghost in the... Read more
I’ve Never Seen… Memento
Each week, one of the Filmoria team will be taking a skeleton out of their closet in the form of a movie widely regarded as a classic and finally watching it for the first time. This week, Sarah Buddery finally adds Memento as another reason why Christopher Nolan is one... Read more
Filmoria’s Favourite Jump Scares
This weeks sees the release of not one but two horror sequels, with the franchise-ending Resident Evil: The Final Chapter saying goodbye to Alice and co while a return to the world of Samara and that dreaded life-threatening video tape is promised once again with Rings. As is customary... Read more
Lego Launch Super SigFig Creator Online
To coincide with the release of The LEGO Batman Movie, Lego have launched a fun Super SigFig Creator on their official site for the new film. Where you can create your very own custom Lego SigFig superhero or villain to share online and play on The LEGO Batman Movie games.... Read more
Filmoria’s Most Anticipated Sundance Films

As the year’s frostiest film festival gets underway, the Filmoria team unleash their most anticipated Sundance films!

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I’ve Never Seen… E.T.
Growing up, I really wasn’t interested in films unless they featured dinosaurs or singing Cockney orphans. At an absolute push you could probably get me to sit through a Disney film, under the promise that it wasn’t one of the princess ones (non-princesses have much better adventures), but apart... Read more
The Oscars 2017: Nominations Reflect Fan Culture, Not Cinematic Quality

Today’s Oscar nominations have proven that influence of the people is more powerful than of the cinematic craft, and that is terrifying.

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The Logic Behind La La Land’s Unhappy Goodbye
As cinema goers, we seem to be infatuated with happy endings. Recently, Steve McQueen’s gruelling 12 Years a Slave was criticised for an ending that seemed to lack emotional heft. Now it’s the turn of critical darling La La Land, and its less than happy finale, to leave audiences... Read more
Trainspotting: Anticipating T2
Feet pound against the concrete. The drums of Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust for Life’ pound with fast-paced fervour. ‘Choose life.’ A near miss with a car on a side street. Ewan McGregor’s Mark Renton gasps a maniacal laugh, purple rings highlight his frenzied eyes. Heroin chic. But Rent-boy’s lust for... Read more