Netflix UK: 6 Films To Watch During College Lockdown Netflix UK: 6 Films To Watch During College Lockdown
Amid the Coronavirus crisis, almost every country around the globe is learning to adapt to the lockdown. While colleges, universities, and other educational institutes... Netflix UK: 6 Films To Watch During College Lockdown

Amid the Coronavirus crisis, almost every country around the globe is learning to adapt to the lockdown. While colleges, universities, and other educational institutes have announced the continuation of classes online, students are now trying to make their time at home as productive as they can.

After a tiring day, everyone looks forward to sipping a mug of coffee and watching a good movie at the end of the day. Hence, it’s no wonder that the most renowned streaming service, Netflix, is keeping everyone busy these days.

Netflix provides us with some of the best movies on the internet. While you do have to pay a monthly subscription fee, the first month is free!

In the face of unlimited movies to choose from, it’s normal to face difficulty in picking the one movie that we think we would enjoy. Here are some of the top movies on Netflix that you can watch during this lockdown!

1.   Space Jam

If you’re a 90s kid and a Looney Toons fan, there is a very high chance that you’ve probably already watched Space Jam. Michael Jordan scoring baskets with the Looney Toons was indeed a sight to see and could not keep the fans from watching this great movie again and again. Space Jam is one of the best comedies on Netflix UK, and it will leave you on craving for more childhood hits.

2.   IT

A new generation calls for a new version of one of the most terrifying clowns to ever exist. Pennywise hit the big screen in 2017 and scared a whole new generation of horror movie fans. Worldwide, IT is known as a fantastic horror movie, but it’s also one of the best thriller movies on Netflix because it leaves both kids and adults, biting their nails.

3.   13th

This fantastic documentary focuses on racial discrimination against African Americans in the American criminal justice system. Apart from being an entertaining movie, this documentary also educated its audience.

If you’re a student looking for documentaries to write an essay on, this is a great choice! If, after watching the movie, you find yourself unable to write your essay, don’t worry! We know how hard this lockdown is. Luckily, you can find writing services that offer custom essay writing in Great Britain. These UK services aim to make essay writing easy for students and can help you out.

4.   Blackfish

Blackfish is a documentary made on the life of a killer White Tilikum, who died in 2017. This documentary focuses on the importance of the freedom of mammals kept in captivity, such as this whale who was kept at SeaWorld and forced to perform in front of audiences.

It portrays the harsh truth of companies keeping whales in captivity for the sake of entertainment. This documentary was so powerful that it prompted SeaWorld to rebrand and rethink their performances.

5.   Atlantics

Who doesn’t love a bit of romance once in a while? If you do, then Atlantics is a film for you! But this film is much more than just a simple love story between two people. It is a story of two construction workers who fall in love, but their romance story gradually turns into a paranormal revenge tale. Atlantics won the Grand Prix award at Cannes last year and, thus, became one of the best movies on Netflix. There is no reason you do not have this in your lockdown watch list.

6.   About time

A famous British screenplay writer, Richard Curtis, wrote this beautiful romantic comedy, starring Domnhall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams. On his 21st birthday, Tim travels back in time to erase all the embarrassing moments from his life.

This film revolves around a beautiful relationship between two lovers, and also focuses on the relationship between Tim and his Father, which is guaranteed to leave you in tears. If you are a writer or a poet, you can always use this lovely relationship between a son and his father as inspiration to draft an essay.


We know being stuck at home can get too much for anyone. Pile up college assignments and submission deadlines on top of that, and who wouldn’t lose their mind? Luckily, with these seven films, we think you’ll have a fun way to relieve some of that academic stress. But if movies aren’t your thing, don’t worry! There’s also a great list of shows on Netflix UK that you can browse through. 

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