Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Character Guide Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Character Guide
With just a handful of days until Rogue One finally hits cinemas, here's a helpful guide to who's who in the anthology epic. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Character Guide

In a single week’s time, the world’s most-anticipated movie will be out in full Force (sorry…) across UK and US theatres. After an entire year of waiting, it almost seems odd how quickly Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has arrived; not that we are complaining. Not one single bit.

Gareth Edwards of Godzilla and Monsters fame will be taking the reigns of the very first Star Wars film to exist outside of the traditional Saga framework – the debutant Anthology movie in a series which Lucasfilm and Disney are keen to get off the ground – but in order for this to happen, Rogue One has to be a huge hit and truly deliver. There is little doubt of the money the film will make, nor of its impact on the annual box-office report, but there are some grey areas regarding the characters. We’ve never had a movie in the Star Wars universe without the Jedi, or with this many original screen presences, and both could be somewhat daunting for viewers.

If you are a little confused by who’s who in Rogue One, fear not, because here at Filmoria, we have you covered. Our trusty Character Guide will help you work out your Rebels from your Imperials, so you can enter the movie with a solid idea of the new squad. So without further ado, let’s fire up the U-Wing and get cracking…


Jyn Erso

Source: Lucasfilm

Source: Lucasfilm


Reckless and without discipline, Jyn Erso is the daughter of scientist Galen who is integral to the development of the Death Star; a galactic super weapon which must be stopped. Used to operating alone, this impetuous, defiant, and eager brawler finds higher purpose when joining forces with the Rebel Alliance, and together they set out to steal Imperial plans. Jyn is a known surviver, and is ever-keen to cause her nemesis copious amounts of grief.

Captain Cassian Andor

Source: Lucasfilm


Alongside Mon Mothma, Captain Cassian Andor is the figure who recruits Jyn for their secret mission. He is an accomplished Alliance Intelligence officer with dense combat field experience, and demands respect from his Rebel troops at all times. Used to the displaces of warfare, Cassian has the ability to keep a cool head under pressure and complete his mission with minimal resources.

Chirrut Îmwe

Source: Lucasfilm


A deeply spiritual presence in the galaxy, Chirrut Îmwe believes all living things are connected through the Force. His sightless eyes do not prevent him from being a highly skilled warrior. Though he lacks Force abilities, Chirrut is a wise and powerful monk who has rigorously honed his body through intense physical and mental discipline.

Bodhi Rook

Source: Lucasfilm


Deserting the Empire to join forces with the Rebel Alliance, Bodhi Rook is a former Imperial pilot, armed with fantastic technical and aerial skills. His traitorous behaviour leaves him vulnerable and anxious, but a practical approach to mission completion ensures Bodhi will bring the courage and the fight to the Empire exactly when required.

Baze Malbus

Source: Lucasfilm


The harsh reality of his Imperial-occupied home world has hardened Baze Malbus into a pragmatic soldier and a crack shot with his heavy repeater cannon. An assassin for hire, Baze has a bravado that provides a marked contrast to the spiritual sensitivity of his best friend and moral compass, Chirrut Îmwe.

Saw Gerrera

Source: Lucasfilm


Bruised and scarred from the Clone Wars, Saw Gerrera is a true veteran of battle. He is bunkered on the ancient world of Jedha, coordinating a prolonged insurgency against the Imperial occupation. Despite years of wounds – both physical and mental – and ailing health, Saw has not yet withered his resolve to fight.

Galen Erso

Source: Lucasfilm


Husband to Lyra, and father to Jyn, ever-wise Galen Erso is a scientist whose primary work details the manipulation of Kyber crystals – the power source which fuels Jedi Lightsabers, but also the Death Star’s laser blaster. He is taken by the Imperial Empire when his daughter is still very young, but now a grown woman, she is fighting to find him and bring him home.


Source: Lucasfilm


A reprogrammed Imperial security droid now loyal to the Rebel Alliance, K-2SO is an enormous robot who towers over the remainder of the team. Captain Cassian Andor provided the software alterations, and the droid is critical to the mission’s success as he can seamlessly blend in at Imperial installations and outposts; hidden in plain sight.

Pao & Bistan

Source: Comic Book Movie


Pao is a ruthless commando and amphibious Drabata, who alongside Bistan – the freedom-fighting Lakaru – joins the Rebels’ surge against the Empire to secure the Death Star plans. Both Pao and Bistan love the exhilarating rush of battle, and the duo can be seen fighting, blasting, and bellowing at their enemies across the galaxy.


Director Orson Krennic

Source: Lucasfilm


As director of Advanced Weapons Research for the Imperial military, Orson Krennic is obsessed with the completion of the long-delayed Death Star project. A cruel and calculated, but ultimately brilliant man, Krennic has staked his reputation on the delivery of the functional battle station to the Emperor, and he isn’t going down without a serious fight.

Darth Vader

Source: Lucasfilm


Once a heroic Jedi Knight, Darth Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force, became a Sith Lord, and led the Empire’s eradication of the Jedi Order. He remained in service of the Emperor – the ruthless Darth Sidious – for decades, enforcing his Master’s will and seeking to crush the fledgling Rebel Alliance.

Imperial Death Troopers

Source: Lucasfilm


The elite soldiers of Imperial Intelligence, Death Troopers are encased in reenforced Stormtrooper armor with a dark, ominous gleam. These soldiers are far larger than the traditional Imperial military commando, and serve as bodyguards and enforcers for Director Krennic; the highly-placed officer within the Advanced Weapons Research division of the Empire.

Scarif Shoretroopers 

Source: Lucasfilm


Shoretroopers are a specialist fleet of Stormtroopers stationed at the top secret Imperial military headquarters on Scarif. These vicious and highly equipped warriors patrol and protect the many beaches and bunkers of the planetary facility, ensuring no Rebel Scum makes a breach.


Source: Lucasfilm


C2-B5 provides vital service to Director Krennic and the Galactic Empire as the astromech droid maintains machinery and engineering. Unlike the Rebels’ R2-D2, this robotic companion does not have the luxury of independence as Imperial technicians subject it to frequent memory wipes; ensuring it remain subservient.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens in UK cinemas on Thursday, 15th December. It arrives in the US just a day later. Filmoria is your home for all things Rogue One and Star Wars, so be sure to check back with us for our official review and much more over the coming days!

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