Silicon Valley: Season 4 Review Silicon Valley: Season 4 Review
The unluckiest group of men in the Silicon Valley might have finally found their mojo! Season 4 of Silicon Valley returns darker, more humorous, filled... Silicon Valley: Season 4 Review

The unluckiest group of men in the Silicon Valley might have finally found their mojo!

Season 4 of Silicon Valley returns darker, more humorous, filled with moments of joy, despair, grief, and makes your outlook on life so much better. There’s not another television show that can rival Silicon Valley’s dark, subtle and perfectly written and timed comedy, about a world that isn’t very exciting at all. Talking about tech, coding, hardware or software might make an average person immediately squeal at the thought of that conversation. However, returning strong in its fourth season, Silicon Valley not only elevates everything it has previously done before, but manages to revitalize the show in a new direction for the next season.

The show returns when the Pied Piper team becomes PiperChat, in response to Dinesh’s (Kumail Nanjiani) successful video chatting service, in hopes to get a girl to fall in love with him. Dinesh succeeds Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) as the CEO of now PiperChat. After an emotional and cuss-filled pep talk in front of a primary school by Russ Hanneman (Chris Diamantopoulous), Richard gets inspired to take his algorithm for more satisfying use than PiperChat, a new, free and decentralized internet.

The rest of the season revolves around Richard trying to bring his vision into fruition, and along the way, a series of events unfold that might render any normal human to give up. Richard finds out that Gavin Belson (Matt Ross) patented the idea under Hooli during his initial days with the late Gregory. Meanwhile, Jian-Yang (Jimmy O. Yang) develops a food app where Erlich (T.J. Miller) has to hire Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) and Dinesh to develop the now penis detection app, because during Dinesh’s small CEO stint, he found out the majority of PiperChat’s users were underage, and there were no protection terms for them. Dinesh cowardly sells PiperChat to Gavin, who in a move of desperation buys it, and is then later fired from Hooli. Richard then goes into partnership with Gavin. Richard’s trusty confidant, Jared (Zach Woods) is the first to follow Richard in his steps, and one by one the team is reunited to a far more difficult task than ever before.

These events only scratch the surface of what unfolded in Silicon Valley’s fourth season. There are many times the group is faced with predicaments that question their morality and their technological prowess, but no more than the struggles that Richard Hendricks has to face. It is not often where someone with a genius ability, and his own company that is able to compete in a highly competitive and unpredictable market gives it all up, just to chase their passion.

Silicon Valley continues to not only be thought provoking, but relatable, through the many crazy technological aspects and hi-jinks the characters get up to. It is the over the top and extremely dark comedy that allows audiences to easily escape into the world, and look into life in a much more positive light. The characters are continuously put into bad situation after another, and yet never is there a dull and unfunny moment. The writers of the show are never shy to stray away from controversial comedy, and whilst the nature of the show took away the seriousness of one particular scenario, there is no joke that is said or done in distaste.

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The main story line clearly defines the boldness of the show and its characters. However, it is also the subtle sub-plots that make the show so defined; the love hate relationship between Dinesh and Gilfoyle slowly evolving, Jared’s loyalty to Richard is reminded time and time again in the best possible way, Jian-Yang’s quest for dominance, and Erlich’s quest for relevance. It was also announced a while back that Erlich would not be returning to the fifth season. Although a very somber and unceremonious note to end T.J Miller’s beloved character, the writers have organically created an open end for Erlich, that which he choose to return to the show, he may do so. Jack Barker (Stephen Tobolowsky) becomes a more than adversary foe to Gavin, and the Pied Piper team. The introduction of Mia (Phoebe Neidhardt) as Dinesh’s hacker girlfriend, as well as Keenan Feldspar (Hayley Joel Osment), the VR prodigy who always gets what he wants were also fantastic additions to the show. More than often, the cast of Silicon Valley are so perfectly intertwined with each other that introducing new characters often feel forced and unnatural. Yet, the two recurring characters of season four were perfect additions to the cast, and judging by the direction of their characters, they will be returning. The show manages to end in a light that the characters find themselves in a good situation. Events that finally brought them positive news, which may revitalize the show to a whole new state for the upcoming season.

For fans who anticipated the return of Silicon Valley, the fourth season does not disappoint. The season delivers a story line that puts the characters’ relationships to the test, and takes tech to a whole new level. There is always a moment to smile about, and more than often a moment to laugh in disbelief. The show is unapologetic in its nature, characters and jokes. Filled with surprises, there is no limit to how fantastic the show can get.

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