Slot Regulations and Laws Across the World Slot Regulations and Laws Across the World
Although online slots are played in the same way in every country you can find them in, the rules and regulations associated with them... Slot Regulations and Laws Across the World

Although online slots are played in the same way in every country you can find them in, the rules and regulations associated with them can often be different. If you want to make sure you don’t fall foul of the law, it’s wise to check up on what is right and what is wrong in the country you happen to be in – if you’re abroad, for example, and you want to gamble and play 500 free spins at Wizard Slots like you can at home, will you be able to? It’s an interesting fact that many countries have different versions of the same rules, and we’ll dive a little more into this now. 


Age is probably the most important factor to think of when you want to play online slots. In essence, the online casinos have to trust that you are telling the truth when you log on and decide to play on their platforms, but that’s a different story. The point is, in the UK, you need to be 18 or over before you can legally play. Except when it comes to gambling on the National Lottery, that is, when you can be 16 to buy a ticket or a scratch card. 

Some countries stick to that idea of 18, but others choose to raise the age that players can use slot games to 21. 

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots can be great fun to play and there is that added level of excitement when you think you might be able to win many hundreds of thousands of pounds, or even millions, because the jackpot is linked to lots of games and lots of players. The jackpot keeps growing until someone, somewhere, hits the winning combination. 

But there are regulations made specifically for progressive slots as well. There must, for example, be a display meter shown on the screen at all times so that the player can see exactly what the jackpot figure really is, and what they might be playing for. Although this idea was put in place to ensure that players knew what they were getting themselves into (playing progressive slots is a far more expensive past time than playing standard slots is), it can actually be a boon to the online casinos. As the money racks us while the players feed the slots, it can become more and more exhilarating, and they will play for longer, just in case they are the one who snags all that money. 


In some countries were online casinos originate, those casinos will apply tax to the winnings that are doled out, whereas in others they won’t. This will depend on the laws of the land, so it’s good to check exactly where your chosen casino is based. If you win and you find that the casino isn’t a UK based one, for example, you might have to part with some of your winnings.

Is It Legal?

Even in the 21st century, some countries don’t allow online gambling at all, in any shape or form, including slots. Switzerland is one of these countries, so if you’re heading to the slopes and you want to have a quick game of your favourite slot, you probably won’t be able to since the websites will be banned. 

In Canada, online gambling is allowed in some provinces and not in others, and in America each state has their own regulations regarding gambling and sometimes specifically online gambling, adding an extra layer of potential confusion to your gaming. If in doubt, check with the local government – which can be done online – to ensure that you can play and won’t get into trouble. Most of the time, though, if online slots are allowed the websites will be accessible; if they’re not, you simply won’t be able to play. 

Other countries where gambling as a whole is illegal include: Brazil, Poland, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 


The RTP (return to player) percentage value is a useful tool when it comes to determining which online slots are better for your pocket than others. In UK law, the RTP must be displayed alongside any online casino game, including slots. 

This may not be the case in other countries, so take some time to see if you can find the RTP; it should be fairly obvious. If it’s not, there’s no law that says you can’t play, but you won’t have all the facts and therefore won’t be able to make a decision based on the figures. In these cases, you’ll only be going by how much fun the game looks, or what the gameplay is like. It’s fine, but it’s important to be aware. 

All The Information

In the UK, the Gambling Commission has created a document that includes all the information about the rules and regulations regarding online gambling (and all other gambling too). 

Each country around the world will produce a similar document, so if you are concerned about the laws where you live or where you are travelling to, you should be able to find out as much information as you need through these documents. 

They will include:

  •         Taxation information
  •         Time limits
  •         Jackpot limits
  •         Last pay outs
  •         Pay out amounts

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