Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow – Week 22 Roundup Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow – Week 22 Roundup
Supergirl S03E14 – Schott Through the Heart The second half of Supergirl season 3 has finally returned, and reminds us all why we hate the twenty... Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow – Week 22 Roundup

Supergirl S03E14 – Schott Through the Heart

The second half of Supergirl season 3 has finally returned, and reminds us all why we hate the twenty three episode format. With almost no continuation of the world killers’ storyline, episode 14 focuses solely on Winn Schott. In the best scene of the episode, the opening sequence starts off with our lovable characters facing off in a karaoke battle, only to be interrupted by news that Winn’s villainous father has died.

The writer’s really failed this episode, with no real character development of any evil side of Winn, nor was there any foreshadowing about his family ever. Furthermore, the actress introduced as Winn’s mother Mary (Laurie Metcalf), felt emotionless. A complete 180 from Winn not only made this particular arc completely unbelievable, but unsympathetic as well. Perhaps if there was more build up to a different side of Winn or any mention of his family in previous episodes, this could have been an enjoyable arc for Winn. However, the constant filler episodes in Supergirl reminds us why the 23 episode format is a dying breed.

One particular arc that will be amazing to explore is M’yrnn’s recent revelation that he has dementia. An extremely dark and troubling topic, but it is greatly appreciated how effective Supergirl can tackle these sort of issues. And it was definitely not expected in this show. Meanwhile, Mon-El tells Kara about his newly found  information regarding his mission. The third World Killer becomes Blight, destroying the future, which makes their missions parallel, creating more of a chance for Mon-El and Kara to reconnect. And as the episode ends, Lena returns a call to dog-like Jimmy, showing her hospitalizing Sam.

The Flash S04E18 – Lose Yourself

In season 4 episode 18 of The Flash, the battle between Team Flash and DeVoe comes to a crucial point, which sets the scene for the rest of the season. As the season progressed, Team Flash were looking to get by episode by episode, creeping closer to finding out the solution to stopping DeVoe. Recruiting Dibny, knowing Dibny can be hurt by soundwaves, Harry’s thinking cap, discovering the pocket dimension, everything was pointing to a comfortable win. However, Lose Yourself determined a whole different scenario for our heroes, in which the tables have turned dramatically.

The last bus-meta, Edwin Gauss, is discovered very shortly, as a hippie traveler, able to teleport through different dimensions. He joins Team Flash rather easily, and tells Dibny about his recent venture into a pocket dimension with a large chair. After all the growth Dibny’s had, he is determined to kill, not for his sake, but to protect his friends and family. Deciding against it, he tells the team about his discovery, where they plan their plan of attack. Separating (never a good idea), Team Flash is broken up between Barry, Caitlin and Cisco into DeVoe’s lair, whilst Harry, Dibny, Iris and Joe protect the fort. Little do they know, DeVoe decides to bring the battle out and inconspicuously brings the fight to STAR Labs as the super team finds nobody at their ends.

In an epic tense back and forth, the twists in Lose Yourself were far from being easily predicted. The only disappointments in the episode were the fact that Marlize DeVoe fought like a ninja, which her physical prowess hasn’t been established before, and that we didn’t get to see Joe destroy a mechanical samurai. Throughout the episode, we see Harry get burnt out from a cap overload, Flash do nothing, Iris get stabbed, Edwin and Ralph getting absorbed, and Caitlin getting Killer Frost removed from her. The only thing missing from the action is a few explosions here and there. And although and extremely fun and exciting episode, the fact that Ralph also gets absorbed confirms the theory that none of the bus-metas are dead, but merely absorbed by DeVoe. There’s no chance such a strong character, who steals every episode, is dead in less than a season. It will be very intriguing how the rest of the season pans out, and how exactly they will stop DeVoe. And what exactly are DeVoe’s plans? The episode ends with nefarious blueprints, not to mention DeVoe stole dark matter from Harry’s thinking cap. The only thing that can help them now is the mysterious girl seen in Star City’s only coffee shop.

Arrow S06E19 – The Dragon

The second half of season 6 of Arrow has embraced the diabolical Diaz, taking the big baddie thrown from Cayden James quite easily. In episode 19, The Dragon explores the emotional turmoil of Diaz and his abused background. Although both villains are equally creepy in their own way, there’s a large redeeming quality with Diaz, and that he’s a lot more believable as a threatening man than Cayden James ever was.

A small, helpless child, Ricardo Diaz was bullied in an orphanage. He’s decided to channel the fear he’s had as a kid, into a monster known as the dragon, tattooed conspicuously on his body. Whilst in control of Star City, he wants more, he wants respect and power through mafia families. He tries to proposition an offer with an elite criminal enterprise known as The Quadrant. However, after forceful negotiation tactics, he finally manages to get a meeting, and eventually a seat on the board. As his power grows, he finally decides to go back to the nightmare of his childhood, by burning his bully alive right in front of Laurel; an extremely electrifying scene that easily causes hair to stand on end.

In a Diaz centric-episode, Oliver only appears in the last few moments of the episode. Distressed, Felicity feels powerless with Oliver’s battles and pursuits as Green Arrow. She uses her newfound time to restart her Helix project with Curtis, but still feels the need to be more involved with Green Arrow. However, Oliver makes the same promise as he does with William, which is the only thing he can do to calm her down.

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