Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow – Week 25 Roundup Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow – Week 25 Roundup
Supergirl S03E17 – Trinity After discovering Lena has been keeping Sam as a lab experiment, the DEO and Supergirl confront Lena about her dubious... Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow – Week 25 Roundup

Supergirl S03E17 – Trinity

After discovering Lena has been keeping Sam as a lab experiment, the DEO and Supergirl confront Lena about her dubious ways. Turns out, Lena didn’t just commit human experimentation on her friend, but kept her with Supergirl’s only weakness, Kryptonite. Face to face, Supergirl and Lena get into a super vs Luthor exchange. And as ridiculous as it is Luthor not realising she’s speaking to Kara, it all fits into the show and universe. Almost as flawlessly as their transitions into plot points that seemed like it took place months ago. In Supergirl’s first fight with Reign, she was placed into a brief coma. However, in this coma, Kara was transcended into a pocket dimension, which they know for a fact the human sides of the Worldkiller’s are inside.

It’s not long after that Supergirl, Alex and Lena travel into the pocket dimension together, to soon find death all around them, or Krpytonian demons to be exact. Soon they find out Dr. Grace is dead, overcome by Blight, but they still manage to bring the human side out of Purity. Talking to their human ego’s, they find out where their respective bodies are in the real world, where they are able to face the human Trinity. With everyone battle ready, Winn even makes an ingenious magnetic suit for Alex. In the not-final battle, the crew takes on the unruly Trinity; Reign, Blight and Purity. Out matched and out powered, Kara takes the last effort to bring Julia out of Purity. Julia uses all her humanity to regain control of her body killing Blight in her last heroic act. Both Purity and Blight die, only to be absorbed by Reign, who disappears into the horizon.

In a touching moment as the episode comes to an end, Lena and Jimmy share a moment alone. As Jimmy confessed Supergirl asked her to look for more Kryptonite in her vault, in which Jimmy couldn’t look, Lena confesses she actually has the recipe to make Kryptonite. In a not so touching moment, Reign proclaims Ruby must die, to kill the last bit of humanity left of Sam.

The Flash S04E21 – Harry and the Harrisons

After last week’s episode of The Flash, we saw a massive precedent for the end of season 4. Not only did we uncover DeVoe’s true villain intentions, but we also saw Marlize leave Clifford by the end of the episode. The truth is being uncovered by Team Flash, and Iris is set upon unveiling the truth to Central City. We haven’t seen Iris do journalistic work in a long time, and it was a great refresher to what she is capable of. Her role as a journalist is invaluable to the show, and would be great to see her do this more often. Even though Iris had her moment, the main star of this show was Harry Wells, or the B-counsel of Wells.

Tom Cavanagh has no limits to his acting abilities, and playing a new set of Harrison Well characters is such a delight for viewers. After discovering Clifford’s plans to destroy the world’s intelligence via satellite, there’s only one woman they know who can destroy an orbiting death machine, Supergirl Amunet. Playing double entendre, Amunet is recruited to help team Flash, but more importantly for Caitlin, it’s to unlock Killer Frost again. Through a series of complications, Amunet gets her metal shards, donates some to Team Flash, and shares wisdom to Caitlin. It’s a journey she must find out for herself why Killer Frost isn’t responding right now. With the truth and a weapon by their side, all they need is a full proof plan. And after Iris publishes her article, the entire city rallies behind Team Flash and wants to help stop The Thinker.

Arrow S06E22 – The Ties that Bind

In the penultimate episode of season 6 of  Arrow, the final showdown between Team Full Arrow and Diaz is about to throw down. Whilst still away from each other, either chasing Diaz in their own respective way or simply enjoying home time, Diaz takes the fight to everyone’s front door. Guns blazing everywhere, Diaz’s men shoots starts trying to shoot everyone, but without any real stakes it’s hard to feel any sort of tenseness. Collateral damage include Curtis’ new boyfriend, who is just conveniently okay and now in ARGUS protection, away from the fight for the last episode; and the Arrow cave, torched to its last ash. As symbolic as the scene was, turning the old into dust and bringing everyone together for a new beginning, it was hard to feel any sort of remorse for the Arrow cave. Even after six seasons, the cave did not have a respectable amount of emotional investment it ever did as when it was introduced in Season 1 or 2. The fact that people kept dropping in it in and out, no scenes showing them walking into the secret door from the old club, or a lack of Oliver and Diggle’s superior workouts were very apparent.

Banding together before the finale, we get to see the whole crew working together again, Felicity, Diggle, Rene, Curtis, Dinah and Oliver at the helm, taking the fight straight to Diaz. Oliver believes he’s got through Anatoly, which Anatoly does decide to help the gang. However, it is to little effect, as Diaz and The Quadrant have an entire army at their disposal. Even with their superhero abilities, gadgets and relentless luck, Oliver is forced to ask for help at his own personal freedom. He goes to Samandra Watson, the FBI agent sent to uncover the Green Arrow’s identity, in which Oliver confesses without any hesitation. At this point though, who doesn’t know he isn’t the Green Arrow?

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