Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow – Week 26 Roundup Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow – Week 26 Roundup
Supergirl S03E18 – Shelter from the Storm In Supergirl season 3 episode 18, the team soon find out Reign has absorbed both Purity and Pestilence’s... Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow – Week 26 Roundup

Supergirl S03E18 – Shelter from the Storm

In Supergirl season 3 episode 18, the team soon find out Reign has absorbed both Purity and Pestilence’s powers, when Reign goes on the hunt. The episode starts right into the thick of action, where Lena and Jimmy share a sweet moment, to be disrupted by a ruthless Samantha Arias ready to kill. Although stronger than ever, Reign is still one person, and the Legion of Superheroes have fulfilled their mission to stop Blight. It’s an easy decision for Brainy and Imra to return to the future, but Mon-El has mixed emotions in this state of affairs. However, after Brainy informs Mon-El there’s only a 51% chance of Supergirl winning, where if one of the Legion stays back it jumps up to around 80%, and a calm understanding talk from Imra to settle his emotions, it’s an easy decision for Mon-El to return back to the present/past.

Determined to kill any humanity from her, Reign visits her family home to kill her daughter and mother. She succeeds in stabbing the latter, but Supergirl and Superboy are quick to the scene to stop her from trying to cause any more havoc. And although they won the battle, the war is far from over.

The Flash S04E22 – Think Fast

In Think Fast, Clifford DeVoe sets his eyes on the prize, and proves once again no matter how hard team Flash try to out manoeuvre him, it ends in a futile resolution. His nickname is The Thinker, you think they would stop trying to outsmart him. After a fantastic scene where DeVoe appears as Diggle, breaks into Argus and showcases his many abilities killing Argus agents through a hallway, the rest of the episode has set up the finale quite nicely. His intentions are clear, to eradicate everyone’s minds and destroy technology. However, we never really got to see the juxtaposition of his personal motives alongside his master plan. It’s a battle between logic and emotion. Stop emotion, stop wars. A logical world, focused on scientific advancement, that is what DeVoe wants. It will inevitably end with a battle between a plan and a spontaneous act.

The penultimate episode was all about setting up the importance of emotion. Cecille’s pregnancy has elevated her ability to start inhibiting people’s mind, Caitlin finally explores a locked up memory where she became Killer Frost as a child, and Harry and Iris recruit Marlize, the woman who couldn’t follow DeVoe anymore because of her emotions. And even though Barry is now able to put others in flash time temporarily, where they managed to destroy DeVoe’s initial satellite, DeVoe still sneaks into Star Labs to use the Star satellite for his own. Right in the thick of the action, hopefully the season 4 finale starts right into the action in Star Labs.

Arrow S06E23 – Life Sentence

There’s been a lot of deaths in Arrow, but probably none as bittersweet as a beloved character in the season 6 finale. Paul Blackthorne’s Quentin Lance, playing a strong willed cop, to a struggling alcoholic addict, and lately the wise father figure, will not be returning to Arrow for season 7. Coming from an epic fight between Diaz and Oliver’s respective allies,  Quentin finds his demise sacrificing his life for his adopted daughter. Not dying immediately, the end of season 6 showcases all characters coming together, saying their last words to Quentin, until they find out the surgery was a failure. Even with a cameo from Sara Lance right at the end, it was easy to predict, through the flare and ambiance of the scene, that the surgery would not go as planned. Nevertheless, it took nothing out from the tear-jerking moment and was a wonderful embrace of characters giving one of the most well developed and evolved character a final goodbye.

When it comes to finales in the Arrowverse, you can expect a colossal battle, an emotional mono-a-mono and Easter eggs setting up the next season. Although the battle between Diaz and Oliver did not have as much emotion bleeding from it as the Slade showdown, nor was it as tense as even the Prometheus pickle; in fact, the battle between the two felt rather short, however, Diaz has been out of the best developed characters in a short amount of time. It was a good thing that he didn’t die, but it would have been nice to see more rage or intellect from him. For a man who outsmarted Cayden James, controlled the entire city and had a secret mafia organisation behind him, Diaz was quite easily out muscled when the FBI showed up. On the other hand, he does mention a shadow assassin group named the Longbow Hunters, who will definitely be introduced next season. As Laurel shrieked Diaz into the river never to be seen again, or for a short amount of time, the group must find a way to compromise with the FBI in Star City, since Oliver makes a deal with them. As co-operation, Oliver sets himself up to be arrested, setting up what might possibly be an Oliver prison arc, whilst everyone else needs to protect Star City.

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