The best sci-fi movies of 2018 so far
It’d be fair to say that several initially promising-looking sci-fi films set for release this year severely disappointed when they actually arrived in cinemas. Think of Mute, which fell far short of the standard which director Duncan Jones had previously reached with his 2009 classic Moon. It was a... Read more
Gripping First Trailer For Alex Garland’s Annihilation
A forest full of wonders in a futuristic landscape plays host to some seriously strange goings-on in Alex Garland’s upcoming Annihilation, starring Natalie Portman and Oscar Issac, and if the first trailer is anything to go by then it’s going to be one hell of a ride. You can... Read more
Alex Garland’s Annihilation Delayed Until 2018

Footage from Alex Garland’s Annihilation wows at CinemaCon, but we now will not receive the movie until 2018…

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7 Essential Movies About Forbidden Love
It is a simple, incontrovertible fact that few things make love burn brighter than being told it’s not allowed – Shakespeare had this figured out centuries ago when he wrote ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and forbidden love has been a mainstay of the silver screen since the earliest silent stars... Read more