Oscar Isaac: A Versatile Actor with Unmatched Talent
Are you a fan of Oscar Isaac? If not, you’re missing out on one of Hollywood’s most talented actors! Despite only being in the industry for a short time, the Guatemala-born American actor has already proven himself with an impressive portfolio of films. From independent to mainstream, he has... Read more
Eric Roth Set To Script Dune For Denis Villeneuve
Oscar winning scriptwriter Eric Roth, whose previous credits include Forrest Gump and Munich, is set to tackle the imposing work of author Frank Herbert’s Dune. Legendary Pictures acquired the rights from Frank Herbert’s estate in 2016, and with hot director Denis Villeneuve at the helm, the remake of the 1984 sci-fi seems... Read more
Arrival Director Confirmed To Helm Dune Remake

Denis Villeneuve is setting up to revitalise David Lynch’s beguiling Dune.

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Legendary Snap up Dune Movie Rights
Legendary have acquired the rights to Frank Herbert’s Dune, the 1965 science-fiction epic set in the distant future. Dune focuses on Paul Atreides and the world of Arrakis, a desert planet providing the sole source of a much-coveted drug known as “the spice”. Something of a Game of Thrones... Read more