Arrival Director Confirmed To Helm Dune Remake Arrival Director Confirmed To Helm Dune Remake
Denis Villeneuve is setting up to revitalise David Lynch's beguiling Dune. Arrival Director Confirmed To Helm Dune Remake

Drawing the audiences in with his crowd pleasing Sci-Fi spectacle, Arrival in October last year and currently working in production on the much hotly anticipated sequel, Blade Runner 2049 later in October this year; a lot of rumours had been flying around that critically acclaimed filmmaker Denis Villeneuve will next direct a remake of David Lynch’s 1984 dystopian picture, Dune.

According to Empire Online, it has now officially been confirmed that Villeneuve will indeed make this his next project to get to work on, presumably straight after he’s done wrapping up with the Blade Runner sequel.

Dune has had a history of being in development hell for quite some time, deeming the book impossible to transcend to the big screen. Only David Lynch has managed to adapt it to film but at great cost. Making the film had been a total nightmare for him and as such he vowed to never go mainstream and make a Hollywood blockbuster ever again. 33 years on and its damage has still taken its toll on Lynch’s career, where he chooses to now only direct independent films on a budget of 15 million or less.

Still, we’re in the safest hands with Villeneuve in the director’s chair and he’s no stranger to creating dark, mind twisting science fiction fantasy complete with striking visual imagery.

We at the Filmoria team are very intrigued to see how he pulls this one off.

Source: Empire

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