Where Films and Casinos Collide: A Spotlight on Global Entertainment Giants
Lights, camera, action! The worlds of film and casino gaming share a unique connection, blending high stakes drama and escapist entertainment. For decades, movies have used casinos as vibrant backdrops and integral plot devices. Meanwhile, real casinos integrate cinematic themes into captivating games. This intersection shapes pop culture worldwide,... Read more
Renting a superyacht for filming
Superyachts have long been used in the filming industry and have become iconic features in hundreds of Hollywood movies and famous TV shows. From the hero’s luxurious getaway to the toy of millionaires, a yacht rental for filming depicts the ultimate status symbol and sign of wealth. Most, if not... Read more
Movie-themed casino games
There’s such a distinctive atmosphere at a casino – so many kinds of people, textures, and adventures to take in! No wonder the film industry marvels at producing movie after movie with a casino theme. And no wonder that in return, many casino game developers decide to immortalise iconic... Read more