Movie-themed casino games Movie-themed casino games
There’s such a distinctive atmosphere at a casino – so many kinds of people, textures, and adventures to take in! No wonder the film... Movie-themed casino games

There’s such a distinctive atmosphere at a casino – so many kinds of people, textures, and adventures to take in! No wonder the film industry marvels at producing movie after movie with a casino theme. And no wonder that in return, many casino game developers decide to
immortalise iconic movies in their casino games. Let us look at the best casino games with a movie theme!

The best international casino games with a movie theme

Playing at a casino should, above all, be fun, so it’s important to find one that has game themes that you like. As a movie buff, movie-themed slots are obviously a good place to start. Movie-themed slots and action games usually come in an impressive quality which makes them extra fun to play. They are developed in conjunction with the film companies that produced the movie, which means that they often feature clips from the film’s animations that match the film very well. To find if your favourite movie has been adapted as a casino game, consult a trustworthy casino comparison site such as Spinsify that lists new and existing casinos and ranks them based on game offer, bonuses and other important factors.

Let’s look at some of the screen features that have received a game adaptation.

Game of Thrones–a popular game of slots

Not everyone counts Game of Thrones as a movie, but it is certainly a long series of extremely cinematic episodes. It’s an epic saga that’s as if made to build a slot around, featuring strong characters and memorable scenes. The Game of Thrones slot game is developed by one of the giants of the casino world, Microgaming, and was released back in 2014. You have 243 chances to win, plus a jackpot of 60 times the bet.

Alien–the sci-fi classic that became a successful casino game

This is an interesting game that incorporates the atmosphere of early video games into the slot game very successfully. With multiple levels, tracks, and nice animations, you feel like you’ve been catapulted back straight into the movie that was released back in 1986.

In this game, NetEnt has used advanced technology to make the player feel lost on a spaceship. After having played the game a couple of times, you will get to know the layout, all the multiplications, re-spins and wilds which will give you an edge over the aliens running rampant,
just like Sigourney Weaver.

Tomb Raider–the game that became a movie that became a game

The story of Tomb Raider is a bit different from the other games on this list that all started as a movie or series and then became a game. Tomb Raider began as a game and was then made into the blockbuster we know, starring Angelina Jolie.

Making a slot game on such a foundation seems like a no-brainer, but it ended up being a bit dull compared to its latest action-packed movie sister. The game is great for beginners who want to get to know slots and how they work. Tomb Raider is a one-dimensional slot with a great symbol design, but the images of characters and places could have been a bit more distinctive.

Microgaming gives you a lot of combinations. With the opportunity to win extra treasures with wilds, Tomb bonus, free spins and triple chances, there will be something going on all the time. But big wins aren’t that common; this is a game for those who hate adrenalin and instead prefer their gaming accounts to be slowly emptied and replenished at regular intervals.

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