Baywatch (2017) Review
Of Baywatch’s massive estimated budget of $90 million – which tiptoes the fine line between impressive and of absolute excess – it’s easy to imagine a fair proportion of it going on oil in order to maintain that glistening grotesqueness appropriated by The Rock. If Orson Welles struggled with... Read more
Orson Welles’ Final Film Set For Completion Via Netflix
Netflix seem to have fingers in all sorts of pies at current, slowly growing their ever-impressive repertoire of movies and television, and the latest announcement of theirs may be the most impressive of all. Having acquired full global rights, the company will be financing the completion and restoration of... Read more
6 Revolutionary Cinematic Camera Shots
Camera placement is one of the most crucial aspect of any film production. Since the beginning of 20th century, there have been a number of films which have pioneered techniques that are still important and used to this very day in modern cinema. These techniques were once groundbreaking. They... Read more