The Venom Teaser Trailer And Poster Are Here And They’re Mean As Hell!
The long-awaited first look trailer for Sony Pictures’ Venom, starring Tom Hardy, has arrived and it looks like it...
Andy Serkis Confirms Tom Hardy’s Venom Will Be Motion Capture
Breathe director and performance capture pioneer Andy Serkis has revealed that Tom Hardy’s role in the Spider-Man spin-off ‘Venom’ will be achieved using...
Dunkirk (2017) Review
A monumental achievement, the latest from Christopher Nolan is an experience like no other. Christopher Nolan, one of the...
Tom Hardy Joins Netflix’s War Party

Tom Hardy is about to get even busier, as he joins Netflix’s forthcoming Navy SEALs drama.

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Taboo: Episode Five Review

After five episodes, Tom Hardy’s Taboo has officially confirmed itself as a misfire. Our official verdict of the latest episode.

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Producer Basil Iwanyk Talks Splinter Cell Movie & Tom Hardy
While Assassin’s Creed was hardly the critical success that many of us had hoped for (like most videogame adaptations), it has certainly made a fair chunk of money, meaning that there are still plenty of other gaming entities readying themselves for the plunge into Hollywood. Once such property is... Read more
Taboo: Episode Four Review

As we reach the series halfway point, Taboo is starting to show worrying signs of misdirection. Here’s our review of Episode 4.

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Taboo: Episode Three Review

The mysteries continue to intensify in the dark third episode of Taboo starring Tom Hardy. Here’s our official verdict.

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Taboo: Episode Two Review

Stephen Graham joins Tom Hardy’s mysterious antihero for the second episode of Taboo. Here’s our official verdict.

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Taboo: Episode One Review

Tom Hardy stars in the brooding new period drama Taboo. Here’s our review of the season premiere.

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Profound Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk

War is captured with profound power in this new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s WWII drama Dunkirk.

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Majestic First Poster For Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk

Check out this stunning one-sheet for Christopher Nolan’s forthcoming epic, Dunkirk!

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